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Pillowbox - Count Your Blessings

Pillowbox - Count Your Blessings

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Perfect for the autumnal season, this is a set of three pillowboxes.

They are stamped with the sentiment "count your blessings" in brown ink, which accents three leaf sprigs in different colors!

These fun pillowboxes are ideal for holding a gift card or small fun-sized candy bars.

Ideal for favors, table gifts or packaging accents, they are great for neighbors, kids or coworkers for any event or holiday!

Instructions for assembly are included:
-fold notched flaps in first
-then fold in the whole flaps
-stuff your box with goodies like fun sized candy bars, small trinkets or gift cards

As packaged they measure 2.75” x 5.25” and 2.75” x 3.5” once assembled.

Each set of pillowboxes is shipped in a clear protective sleeve.

All products are made by Kerry Wills.

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