About Me

Heyyy friend! 

I'm Kerry, the hands + creativity behind Day Maker Cards, [formerly 1cre8ivemess]. Making + mailing handmade cards is one of my favorite things to do and one of the easiest ways to share happiness. I'm pretty sure the world could use a little more happiness + positivity these days, don't you agree?

I started this business over 20 years ago and it spun from the custom scrapbooks that I would make and with each one, I'd include a custom handmade card. Soon people were just asking for cards and that's how we got to today. I still scrapbook and have quite the collection of albums full of my life adventures + vacation excursions. 

Fun facts: I have no shame in my diet coke obsession, adore lowercase letters and ampersands and am a year long fan of flip flops. Odd numbers are my favorite and I enjoy binge-watching Netflix while I create in the Craft Castle. Country music is my jam, I'm freakishly good [and fast] at putting puzzles together and I love a good adventure. 

I share the w2 house with my better half Jon - [if you've seen me at an event he was probably there doing the heavy lifting while showing off his favorite card.] He's my favorite human and is the best - always encouraging me to buy more supplies, try new techniques and supporting my crazy dreams. We have two of the most incredible chihuahua puppers, Harley and Demolition. 

[an old photo from a country concert, but it's my all time fave]

Harley Diesel
[sweet, spunky & loves a good cookie]

Demolition Ninja
[crazy, chaotic and loves a good bone]

Hercules Bazinga
[always in our hearts - the bestest little man there ever was. 2012-2021]