#thedailymarker30day - day 2

#thedailymarker30day - day 2

day two of the daily marker challenge and i decided to add on to a card that i made a few days ago. as i mentioned in this post, i wanted to make a thank you card for our vet.

i love the way that card turned out, but earlier this week we had to go back to the vet - this time with our other pupper, hercules. [he was making an awful screaming/squealing noise and we knew something was wrong. turns out he hurt his neck and back but thankfully he's on meds that seem to be working and he's getting back to his happy self!] instead of making a second card, i decided to add on to the first one, but in a somewhat unexpected way. 

here's the card i created the other day:

so today i colored another little doggo image that i stamped and die-cut out. this time i made it look similar to hercules. i love using prismacolor markers. i don't have nearly enough of them but i so enjoy blending colors and making images come to life. while i'm not the best colorer [is that even a word?] i'm looking forward to trying some new techniques throughout this challenge!


i also die-cut another decorative strip with the same polka dots as on the front of the card. i plan to adhere it to the inside of the card in the same location as on the front, with the little dog die-cut slightly overlapping it. i'll write my message above it and drop it in the mail. i know it's going to be a little later than i'd like, especially with no mail tomorrow or the next day, but better late than never. 

i think it will coordinate quite nicely. i also used a glaze pen to highlight the eyes - both on the doggo colored today and the one on the front of the card. they look pretty similar but i think they are perfect little yappy representations of our four legged weasels. 

this challenge is going to be great. i'm really looking forward to diving a little deeper!

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