#the100dayproject : slimline handmade card 43/100-2 : happy holidays

#the100dayproject : slimline handmade card 43/100-2 : happy holidays

anyone else feel like this has been the longest month this week? my to-do list is so. freaking. long. and i've been struggling a bit to tackle all the things i need to. i'm looking forward to a few days off of work [the day [night] job] this upcoming weekend. 

today's spin on the inspiration wheel landed on slimline card and i have to admit, i've been enjoying this new card size. i decided to make a portrait style slimline today since i haven't tried that yet during this challenge. 

i went with another holiday themed card and even though i tell myself i'll stop making them, i can't help it. i just love making special holiday cards. i'm a firm believer that you don't need to send everyone on your list a super special card, but maybe focus on those people you know will appreciate it, or those who go out of their way for you throughout the year. these cards can also become decor - just pop them in a frame or even place them on the mantle.  

A vertical style slimline card, the stamped sentiment on this reads "happy holidays" in red ink in a scripty font near the top of the card. Faux stitched detail is evident all around the edges of this front card panel, as well as on the details. There's a die-cut triangle which creates a tree and has been stenciled with a repeating pattern of triangles in shades of green. A snowdrift grounds the tree near the bottom of the card. White flecks of paint are scattered across the card front to look like snow.

this slimline card has a red card base and nearly all of the details on the top panel feature faux-stitched details. near the top of the card is the sentiment "happy holidays" stamped in red ink, in my favorite scripty handwritten font. 

i created a tree out of a die-cut triangle and blended a variety of smaller triangles on top of it in four shades of green. i wasn't entirely sure how i was going to feel about this detail, but it ended up looking way cooler than i anticipated! it sort of reminds me of a bokeh effect often used in photography, only with triangles instead of circles. i also think that it helps drive home the idea of the tree. 

 An angled flat-lay of the card front, focusing on the detail on the holiday tree created from a die-cut triangle, stenciled with overlapping smaller triangles in shades of green ink. The edges of the tree and the tree trunk coordinate with the edges of the card front panel - all with faux stitched detail.

i love the way the faux-stitched detail carries over from the tree/triangle to the tree trunk to the snow bank to the edges of the card front panel. the edges of the snow bank have also been slightly inked with a soft blue ink to resemble snow. 

using white paint, i flicked dots across the entire card front. i wanted the dots to look like snowflakes. i'm not great with this technique, but i sure enjoy trying it. each card looks slightly different since no two flakes are the same and the paint scattered uniquely. 

This angled flat-lay view includes the sentiment "happy holidays" in red ink, in a scripty font. The red color coordinates with the color of the slimline card base. The faux-stitched detail is visible around the edges of the card panel, the tree, tree trunk and snowbank. Inked patterns add dimension and detail.

one thing i really enjoy about this 100 day project is the way that i am constantly inspired. on this particular card i was able to use three newer products, which always makes me happy. i went on a little spending spree this past month on new products and have so many ideas. as i mentioned above, my to-do and to-make list is so long! i'm trying to focus on just one thing at a time and knock them out as i can. 

here's hoping that you like this holiday card - i've got a variety available now in my online shop and this one is available here. are you team happy holidays or team merry christmas? let me know in the comments below!

more tomorrow!

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