#the100dayproject : handmade tags 37/100-2 : holiday tags

#the100dayproject : handmade tags 37/100-2 : holiday tags

welcome back to another day of my creative journey!

today the inspiration wheel landed on pattern play and i decided to try something different. i recently ordered some new tag die-cuts and have been itching to play with them for the upcoming holidays. i am a sucker for a nicely wrapped present and i think they mean more when they look nice. i always try and have some kind of ribbon or twine or something to accompany the wrapping paper and this year i'm looking forward to using some handmade tags!

i created three different styles today and while i'm still up in the air as to how i will offer these in my online shop, i'm sure that i will have a variety! they were so fun to make and there's so many elements that make them unique. 


here they are all together. i used an assortment of patterned papers from mft - these are all from new 6x6 paper pads that i just *had* to have! i love that the color options are all over the place - simplistic, modern and traditional. 

each tag has a top layer [these all feature a sentiment] and then they lift up so that you could write a to/from underneath or even a message. i will show below one addition that i made and i'm even thinking i might add some sentiments "inside" as well!

the backs are all plain - i've double cut them so that they are twice as thick and the backside is smooth as well. they could be taped to a package or tied on with the ribbon banners extending from each of them. they could even slide on the package - one layer above and below some twine or ribbon since the top lifts up. 

to give you some quick details - 

the first tag has a grey base and a blue layer on top that has a simple snowflake pattern to it. the words "fa la la" have been stamped in black ink and mirror the angle that the top layer is cut on. bright red ribbon is tied through the hole at the top of the tag. 

the second tag has a fun striped pattern on the top layer. there are a mix of modern colors with a somewhat non traditional holiday color scheme. i just love the way bright green, aqua and pink look together. they kinda remind me of an old holiday gap ad! the edge of the top layer that is shorter than the bright green tag base has a delightful little scalloped edge. the word "joy" has been stamped in black ink. the top of the tag where the hole is has been reinforced with a grey tab and white grosgrain ribbon has been looped through the hole. black and white baker's twine is wrapped around the white ribbon. the edges are cut on an angle to prevent fraying. 

the third tag i created is a little more detailed. as i mentioned, i was kind of playing around with different ideas and techniques and figuring out what might work best and what people might like. so, that being said, this tag has an inside element. 

the pattern on the top layer is a gorgeous white and red checked plaid and the words "ho ho ho" are stamped in black ink. the top layer is angled like a small banner, revealing the true green tag base beneath. bright green ribbon which is a little narrower than the white grosgrain ribbon has been looped through the hole and is also tied with black and white baker's twine. 

on this third tag, i stamped the words "to" and "from" in black ink on the green tag layer. they're hidden when the plaid layer is flat, but if you lift it up, you can write the names of the giver and receiver underneath. these are a little more detailed than the run of the mill generic stick on labels you can purchase at the drugstore!

there's plenty of room for writing so that the information isn't cramped on the tag, but it's also slightly hidden when the top layer is down. this is a great option if you've got tiny humans who like to count presents - if they don't know the tags lift, they'll never know which presents are for them!

each of the tags is scored on the top layer so that it's easy for them to lift up and down. i've never seen a tag like this and that's one reason i was so excited to create some different options. i can see some of these being super simple and some being super elaborate! what's your wrapping style? i would love to hear ideas so i can make what you want! 

while i didn't create a handmade card for day 37, i'm quite happy with these handmade tags. i think they will add an awesome level of detail to wrapped gifts this year. i'm already thinking how fun would it be to write a clue on the inside as to what the gift is? [am i the only one who gives people clues or hints before they open the present?!]

they can also be saved long after the holiday is over - they could be framed as decor, used as ornaments, bookmarks or go in a collection of holiday cards and they can even be saved for the next holiday! they're pretty sturdy considering they're made from 2-3 layers of heavy cardstock and i think if you took care of them, they could last a good while!

i'm super excited to make more varieties - and as i mentioned, i'm still figuring out how i will list them in the online shop - but hopefully they'll be live this weekend!

that's it for day 37 - stay tuned for what's next!  


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