#the100dayproject : handmade holiday card 52/100-2 : merry christmas

#the100dayproject : handmade holiday card 52/100-2 : merry christmas

happy friday! i'm so looking forward to a chunk of creative time this weekend! spending the day in my craft castle is truly the thing that makes my heart happiest and i have some serious cleaning/organizing to do as well as things to work on! 

but first - today's card! i didn't start working on this one until i came home from work so when i photographed it, it wasn't completely dry. i'll have to update photos when that happens, but you'll get the gist.

the inspiration wheel landed on seasonal card and so i decided to go with christmas! it's a little too late in the season for thanksgiving since it's in a few short weeks - but true winter holiday cards can be sent for the next month and a half! or even later - heck, let's spread the cheer out as long as we can! 

 A seasonal handmade card, the sentiment featured reads "merry christmas" in a handwritten scripty font. The sentiment is stamped in green ink on a kraft panel, which is mounted on a green card base - coordinating with the ink color. Near the right side of the card is the image/silhouette of a doggo, wearing antlers and a holiday sweater. His nose is a 3D raised translucent red dot for added holiday spirit. Hand drawn lines and dots surround the perimeter of the kraft panel in a dark brown shade. A mossy green envelope is included.

you know how much i love all the doggos, so i decided to put one on this card! he's even wearing a festive holiday sweater in addition to some seasonal antlers. the dimensional dot that i mentioned was still wet is his nose - when it dries it'll be a gorgeous translucent red spot to pretend he's rudolph! 

merry christmas is stamped in green ink [which coordinates with the color of the card base] and is in one of my favorite hand written scripty fonts. i'm not sure when these became so popular or why exactly i love them so much, but i totally do. 

An angled, up-close view of the details of the stamped dog on the front of this holiday card. A sitting dog is wearing a red and green sweater along with festive antlers and a bright shiny nose. Hand drawn lines and dots box in the kraft panel on the green card base.  

here you can see the details of the doggo's sweater - the neck and arm ribbing is the same color green as the sentiment, and the body of the sweater is a red cable knit. he looks to me to be a boxer or lab mix, but regardless, he's adorable

around the edges of the kraft panel i added in some hand-drawn dots and lines with a brown marker. i felt like the card needed something [it still might, to be honest] and i like the way they framed in the sentiment and the image. i used one of my favorite pens - these staedtler triplus fineliners. they've been my go-to for years and i just love them. i also appreciate that you can buy them individually at michael's - my stash always has a bunch of black and grey - [they're what i use most for journaling in our albums.] also - they last forever, or close to it. 

 "Merry Christmas" is stamped in a mossy green ink near the bottom left corner of this handmade holiday card. Next to it on the right is the image of a doggo, wearing a festive holiday sweater as well as a pair of antlers. His nose is a 3D dot, slightly translucent and red to play off of Rudolph! Hand-drawn lines and dashes in brown ink surround the perimeter of the kraft card panel that's layered on a mossy green card base. Anyone who loves doggos is sure to appreciate this card!

the stamp set this doggo is from has a few other dogs in it and they were designed with holiday ideas/themes in mind, so i might just have to make a few other cards as well. i think this is a card that any dog-lover would appreciate, especially at the holiday time! 

i'm looking forward to sending some holiday cards this year in addition to the traditional mail i already send out. with so many uncertainties coming our way because of covid, i think the world needs as much happy [mail] as we can manage! i also have a plan/challenge i can't wait to put out into the universe - i'm just working on some logistical details. 

here's hoping you have a wonderful weekend and get to spend some time doing what it is that you enjoy! 

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