#the100dayproject : handmade card 83/100-2 : hello

#the100dayproject : handmade card 83/100-2 : hello

hey friends!

today's spin on the inspiration wheel landed on one-layer card and so i decided to use some stamps from a set that i used to make this one of a kind card a few weeks back. i had so many comments on it that i wanted to try something new! the layering capabilities are so awesome, it was so much fun! [i realize that it's not truly a one layer since i created a card base beneath the panel, but in my head it started out that way...and i also make the rules, so there.]

This handmade card has a wonderful scene full of potted plants, along the stamped sentiment, "hello." The plants feature a variety of shades of green in colorful pots with stripes and polka dots. The card base is a lovely shade of pinkish-lavender and a green envelope is included.

i began by creating the wooden shelf - the layering on this is insanely awesome, complete with a wood grain pattern. i added a trio of pots and made sure each one was a different height and then added in different colors and patterns. the super fun element of stamping came in to play when i added the leaves on the plants!

An angled, detailed view of the plants on the front of this handmade card. Three pots, yellow with polka dots, blue with a linear pattern and light purple with dashes all hold clusters of green leaves. The pots are made to look as though they are sitting on a wooden shelf. The sentiment "hello" is stamped near the bottom of the card front in a big, bold black font.

using 4-5 different shades of green inks [from pinkfresh studio] i was able to create an ombre color scheme. i created four individual cards in this style and i love that each one is slightly different - just like all real life plants! i think my favorite one is the one on the right - darker at the base and as it trails off it gets a little lighter. i certainly have a few of these around the w2 house in succulent style!

the sentiment is a big, bold font so the black ink really brings attention to it on this handmade card. i love the way the flourishy tails on some of the letters mimic the leaves trailing off of the shelf. it's from a stamp set from the greetery and i think it works just perfectly. 

 A clean and simple design featuring a trio of potted plants alongside the sentiment, "Hello" in bold black ink.

i can't wait to stockpile a bunch of "just because" style cards for the new year - i'm determined more than ever to share as much handmade happiness as possible. i'm not usually one for resolutions but i do like to work on things and in addition to this business - making people happy is one of the big ones on my list!

there's lots more coming soon - i can't wait to share! 

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