#the100dayproject : handmade card 76/100-2 : friend like you

#the100dayproject : handmade card 76/100-2 : friend like you

anddd it's monday again. anyone else constantly wondering what day of the week it is? even though we never stopped working when things were shut down, i still feel like i have no idea what day it is or what time it is. this year has flown by - and dragged on and on all at the same time. it's definitely a year for the books, that's for sure.

today i had several packages of new supplies arrive - and i've still got a couple on the way! [yayyy for black friday shopping!] one of the things that i was most excited about was the complete set of ink colors from concord & 9th. i've been waiting for them to come back in stock for what seems like forever and on black friday they did and i quickly scooped them up! just look at the glorious colors - and when i opened them, i was in awe. they have such a cool texture and the few colors i sampled are just fantastic. yay - plus, now i want to make a piece of art with all the ink samplings from the three main companies i use . so stay tuned for that. 

but as for today's card ... the inspiration wheel's spin landed on pattern play. unlike the washi tape on this card, or the patterned paper route i normally gravitate towards, i decided to use patterns in the form of new stamps!

 A handmade card designed to make everyone feel like the best friend ever, this card features a horizontal row of blocks with different patterns. Polka dots, paint swashes, stripes and tiny reverse polka dots accent a bold block with the sentiment "Everyone needs a friend like you." A saffron colored envelope is also shown and is included.

sporadic polka dots, a brushstroke, wonky stripes, and small tiny reverse polka dots accent the bold block and the sentiment which reads "everyone needs a friend like you." i lined up the patterns so that they form a horizontal row/stripe and i think it just looks so fun. as for the colors i selected, i picked the closest colors from the new set of inks to match this inspirational photo from pinterest:

 A color swatch from Pinterest, these colors include a soft grey with yellow tones, pale pink, medium pink, a coral shade of red and a saffron yellow.

i was so excited about the new inks i wasn't sure which ones i wanted to use, so i picked the first color swatch from my color inspiration pinterest board. then i picked the colors that closely resembled the ones shown above - resulting in dove, ballet slipper, honeysuckle, poppy and stardust. they are amazing and smooth and so luscious. it's really the little things that make me so happy!

i thought that the sentiment was one that lots of people could appreciate and relate to - "everyone needs a friend like you" - perfect for any and every friend. then i lined up some of the blocks of patterns and stamped each one in a different color. i used stamps from two different concord and 9th sets and love the way that they work well together. the sentiment is from this one and patterns from this one

An angled view of the design on this card front, the horizontal row of patterned blocks fills the frame. Large, sporadic polka dots, a brushstroke, wonky lines and reverse polka dots surround the main bold block that houses the sentiment, "Everyone needs a friend like you."

to add another level of detail, [as well as a grounding element], i decided to score the card front so there's two horizontal lines below all the stamped elements. they are very subtle, but add a nice touch. this is really something that i should do more often! it doesn't take much but i like the look of it. i tried it on this card too and it just accents the clean design i think. 

A clean design featuring a variety of colors and patterns fills the front of this friendship themed handmade card. Polka dots, striped lines, brushstrokes and reverse polka dots all accent a sentiment that reads "Everyone needs a friend like you." Two subtle scored lines run horizontally under the stamped elements and add a slight texture.

i will be adding this card to the online shop within the next few days - i'm trying to do some batch uploads so that 5-10 items list at a time. this helps the items have a better visibility as well as saves me some time. win-win!

i hope your week goes amazingly well and that you continue to come back and check out what's new. i appreciate it more than you know! 

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