#the100dayproject : handmade card 75/100-2 : missing you

#the100dayproject : handmade card 75/100-2 : missing you

hey friends! 

i'm happy to report that today [after awhile + a chat with my momma and my bestie] was a better day than yesterday. i was able to complete my card and be super happy with the results, all before 10 pm - [a rarity for sure!]

the inspiration wheel landed on die-cut element so i pulled out a die-cut that actually arrived this morning! i've had my eye on it for what seems like forever and when it went on sale, i decided i needed to have it! it cuts out up to four different elements that can be used in conjunction with one another, but i only used two on today's card. i also used a handful of other newer products and therefore today's handmade card has a bunch of photos.

 Utilizing a split die-cut, today's card features a subtle textured pattern in addition to some patterned paper and a super bold background. The top portion of the card is black with tone on tone matte plus signs that are dimensional due to texture paste. The bottom portion of the card has a similar pattern, only this time black on white. Between the two sections, stamped on an angle is the sentiment, "I tested positive for missing you" in black ink. The card base is bright green and comes with a white envelope.

the sentiment on this card is from another new set from mft and while i don't think covid is anything to joke about, i do love the hint at humor with the spin on it [the sentiment.] "i tested positive for missing you" is stamped on an angle between two blocks of cardstock - both patterned with a plus [+] sign pattern. 

An angled view, you can clearly see the dimension and slight texture that the pattern provides from being stenciled with texture paste. The matte black finish against the black cardstock is bold and beautiful, all while being a subtle detail. The sentiment "I tested positive for missing you" can be seen near the bottom of the photo. The bright green background is bold and adds a wonderful splash of color.

one of the other new products that i used today wasn't actually on the card itself - but was a tool that helped me get these fantastic results. as i've mentioned in the past, i have a habit of collecting all sorts of supplies before i start diving into actually using them. this is the case with some embossing/texture paste. generally it's used with a stencil to create a pattern and leave a subtle, slightly raised texture behind. the tool i used is called pixie spray and it helps keep the stencil in place so that it doesn't move and none of the paste [or ink or whatever you're using] seeps under where it shouldn't be. 

this particular texture paste has a color of matte black and i thought that it would look super cool on a black background. it turned out better than i even could have imagined. it has almost a suede finish when it's dry, and it's hard to the touch but is very slightly elevated off of the card base. i think it looks so amazing and now i want to add it to everything!

 Another angled view of the dimension and texture provided on this handmade card base by the use of texture paste and a stencil. The matte black coloring surprisingly stands out on the black cardstock panel and adds great detail on this missing you style card.

the lines are just so crisp and so clean and i know it's from using the spray to keep the stencil in place. oh it's just so fun, i seriously can't wait to make another card with it! and/or collect some more colors of it!

i thought that the plus signs played well off of the sentiment and the word "positive" and the first product i picked out once i knew what sentiment i wanted to use was the patterned black and white paper. i knew that i wouldn't have enough to cover the card base and make more than one card, so i carefully picked out the die-cut and then mapped out how i could get the most use out of all of the supplies. i thought that a plain black top portion would be boring and that's when i remembered i had a plus sign stencil. kapow - game changer!

This clean and simply designed card packs a punch! The bold green background helps the design stand out and the slightly embossed texture of the matte black plus signs on the black cardstock accent the patterned paper perfectly. The sentiment is stamped in black ink and reads "I tested positive for missing you."

the black and white paper is nice and bold alongside the bottom of the card front and makes the sentiment stand out - but i just love the way that the black top portion coordinates. i think that the small sized piece of the black and white is just right - much more would have made your eyes go all catawampy when looking at the card, but the sentiment is readable and the texture is just the right amount of awesome. 

 A clean and simple design, this miss you style card features black and white with a bold pop of color in addition to a fun pattern that plays off of the wording in the sentiment. Small plus signs [+] accent the message, "I tested positive for missing you"

coming off of the struggle bus yesterday, i'm so beyond happy with the way that this card turned out today! i certainly have a few people i want to send it to, but i also think that i'll be adding it to the online shop! the set of stamps that this sentiment came from has so many awesome additions, i can't wait to use it more to make even more day-maker style cards. 

on a non-card note, decorating in the w2 house is about 93% complete - i just have to pick up a few things tomorrow to finish up and then i'll be sharing pictures and details. it's one of my favorite things to do!

here's hoping you have had an amazing weekend and that an easy, stress-free week awaits you! thanks for continuing to support me and come back and visit!

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