#the100dayproject : handmade card 74/100-2 : the way you see me

#the100dayproject : handmade card 74/100-2 : the way you see me

today was the day i have been anticipating the entire time i've been working through this second round of #the100dayproject - the day i struggled beyond belief to get a card done. 

and when i was attempting to work on it, every single thing that could go wrong, did go wrong. so - there is a card today - but only one instead of at least four to list [first time in 74 days! --- but i will probably remake them to list because i have issues].

first i die-cut crooked, then the piece fell adhesive side down onto my carpet - picking up fuzzies. then i adhered it to the base entirely crooked so i ripped it up and put it on a new base. then the lines i drew around the border were awful. and then i got it back to a third new base. done is better than perfect. that's what i get for attempting something new. 

again, it's done. and i can re-do it and try again. right? because i make the rules. so yeah. that's what i'm going with. 

the inspiration wheel landed 3d element so i decided to raise the main element off of the card base. i saw an ad in a magazine that had a simple design and i can't find it online now to share, but i was super inspired by it. 

this card looks nothing like it. 

i like this quote from a tim holtz stamp set that i haven't used nearly enough and so i know i'll use it again - especially since it's not like anything i normally use. 

this card had potential but today i was in a funk and just couldn't get things to work the way i wanted. the more i look at it though, maybe i won't make it again or list it. maybe today was just an experimental day. 

maybe tomorrow i'll have fresh eyes, re-try and come up with something magnificent. because let's be honest - this card, totally isn't. 

the good news is that i'm starting to receive items that i purchased over the black friday-cyber monday weekend. lots of new crafty items are headed this way and maybe that will inspire me. the majority of the items [coming from all over across the country] have taken longer than usual - which makes me somewhat relieved because nearly half the orders i sent out last tuesday - still haven't been updated on the usps website. [so at least i know it isn't just me.] i promise friends, they're on their way! the tracking numbers are legit and they were hand delivered to a person but things are just going slowly these days. but i'm telling you, it'll be worth it. 

hopefully you're enjoying your weekend - tomorrow is another day and hopefully i'll break the funk and make some awesomeness. 

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