#the100dayproject : handmade card 71/100-2 : happy new year

#the100dayproject : handmade card 71/100-2 : happy new year

happy wednesday friends! 

today's spin on the inspiration wheel landed on pattern play and i decided to take a different approach with it. i'm getting all in the holiday spirit - our decorating of the w2 house is underway and will hopefully be completed tomorrow! i had a conversation with a friend today about starting the new year off on a positive note and i thought about creating + mailing new years cards instead of - or in addition to - holiday/christmas cards. 

This handmade card designed to celebrate the new year has a clean and simple design utilizing gold and silver patterned washi tape alongside the stamped sentiment "Happy New Year" and a smattering of gold and silver sequins.

i started with a white panel layered onto a black card base. i wanted to keep the design somewhat simple while utilizing a classic color scheme. stamped in the center of the card in black ink is the sentiment "happy new year" and scattered across the card front are a few metallic sequins in two different sizes. 

on the left side of the white panel are two strips of overlapping washi tape - solid gold on the bottom and silver [and clear] diagonally striped on top. perpendicular to those two strips is a piece of gold polka dotted washi near the bottom of the card panel. 

 A diagonal view at the metallic details on this holiday-happy new years card. There are gold polka dots and silver stripes.

there's a quarter inch border of black around the white panel which provides a nice stark background. the metallic accents on this washi are insane - so bright and crisp and clean and i just love them! i opted for the torn edge look instead of cutting them because i liked the raw feel of it. also this way, no two are exactly the same. the sequins play off of the colors on the washi with two silver and one gold. 

i think the metallics plus black and white are so classic and timeless- perfectly ideal for a new years card. it reminds me of times square and champagne and massive amounts of confetti. [which also makes me think that i want to put confetti inside this card - so that might become an option!] 

but also speaking of the inside of the card - i decided to add a sentiment as well, especially because after this year we need all the optimism we can get!

 The inside of this new years card features the sentiment "this will be your best year yet" stamped in black on a white panel.

"this will be your best year yet" is stamped in black ink near the top of a white inner panel. there's plenty of room for a personal message beneath the sentiment, but i think it's so encouraging and uplifting - no matter what is in store!

An angled, flat-lay view of this handmade card with decorative, multi-patterned washi tape strips alongside the sentiment "Happy New Year." A small scattering of gold and silver sequins add a splash of details.

this is such a simple design, but i'm so pleased with this card and i know i'll be sending some of these out! i also plan on listing them in the online shop as well, just in case you want to send some as well. 

tomorrow's plans include working on a card idea designed with a secret agenda [details later] and decorating a little bit more! i hope your week is going well - and thanks for stopping by!

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