#the100dayproject : handmade card 69/100 : the best teacher

#the100dayproject : handmade card 69/100 : the best teacher

what an awesome weekend of so many people supporting me and my small business! [i'm careful not to say little business, because as one of my favorite etsy masterminds says - "...referring to a "little business" or "little shop" ... language matters. it's important to respect the validity of the operation the creator [you] is/are running." - danielle from the merriweather council. i believe this with every ounce of my being.] 

it was a looong day of picking and pulling product, double checking invoices, packaging orders, weighing and labeling everything and updating the system to send shipping alerts. jon stayed up with me til 4 am and was an excellent helper! 

as for the card for the day - i took some extra time to do some coloring and enjoy the process of creating as a little break. the inspiration wheel landed on die-cut element and so i added a few of them on this handmade card. 

2020 has been rough to say the least and one group of people who deserve so many thanks are teachers. This card was designed with them in mind, especially those who are executing distance learning. A die-cut computer is centered on the card front and features the image of a teacher on a headset next to a stack of books. Two small speech bubbles extend from the screen - one on the left and one on the right. Small human heads are in the bubbles. Every image has been hand colored with prismacolor markers. The sentiment, stamped in black ink reads " Even from a distance you're still the best teacher." A coral-red envelope is included and shown with the card.

2020 has certainly been rough and one of the groups of people who deserve so much credit and so much love are teachers - especially those who are managing all that comes with distance learning. just hearing friends talking about their kids and how amazing the teachers have been is so heartwarming to me. [my daddio was a teacher for 35 years and i struggle to think how or if he would have been able to do a lot of the activities he did as a physical education teacher - virtually. if the schedule is even allowing for those very special classes - including art and music as well.]

back to the card - there's a computer in the center of the card front that's been die-cut, along with two small speech bubbles, each with a tiny human in them. all of the images were hand colored with prismacolor markers. this was my first time coloring humans and so there's a bit of a learning curve, but i think that i did okay. the hair is something i want to improve on - there's many incredible examples out there. i guess that means i just need to make more cards - and buy more stamps with humans in them? 

 An angled, up close detailed photo of the colored elements on this handmade card front. A female teacher is wearing a headset in the center of the die-cut computer screen and two small speech bubbles each have a student in them. One boy and one girl - and all the elements have been hand colored with prismacolor markers. The sentiment, stamped in black reads "Even from a distance you're still the best teacher."

i elevated the speech bubbles with the students in them with foam tape for some added dimension. believe it or not, during this whole pandemic commotion, i haven't participated in a single zoom call. i've seen a replay of one but i imagine when a new person starts talking that their face or bubble pops up a little - similar to a text message. this is the reason why i elevated them [even though i have no idea if anything remotely like this happens!]

the saying is one of my favorite elements on this card - "even from a distance you're still the best teacher" and i think that it is extremely accurate for many teachers. i'm hoping that people take care of teachers this holiday season - maybe not the generic gifts like coffee mugs and candles [not that they aren't great gifts, but you can only have so many of both] and maybe think about the mental health and well-being of the teachers - give them things they can enjoy on their down time; books, coffee, [wine!], succulents - or giftcards for any and all of these things. [for my teacher friends, if you've got other requests, let me know and if i know small businesses who make those items, i'll happily share some details and links!]

The flat-lay view of this handmade card, designed to thank teachers for all their endless work with remote learning. "Even from a distance you're still the best teacher" is stamped in black ink beneath a die-cut computer screen featuring a teacher and several students doing the virtual thing.

i think the somewhat simple design of this card works well with the details and colors that are included. the color of the card base is one i don't gravitate towards very often, but when i do, i'm thrilled with the result. it's a beautiful color - soft, and split-pea-ish. 

there's a bunch of stamps in this set that i haven't yet used so i'm already scheming ideas of what to do with them. i think that teachers should always be celebrated and am trying to figure out if there's a way for me to do some sort of monthly challenge or project with some of the ideas i'm tossing around in my head. stay tuned for that. 

tomorrow's december already [finally?!] and day number 70 - woot woot! thank you for continuing to join me on this journey - you are awesome. 

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