#the100dayproject : handmade card 67/100-2 : sending smiles

#the100dayproject : handmade card 67/100-2 : sending smiles

happy small business saturday friends! 

i'm already blown away at the support from all you lovelies - i've been happy dancing all day long! thank you so much! there's still plenty of time left to take advantage of some of the deals i'm offering and don't forget you can share them with friends as well! 

i saw this graphic on instagram today and i shared it in my stories - it's absolutely so true. i know i still have a lot to learn about this business and i spend so much time researching and planning and i'm amazed at how intricate the algorithms are for social media - but these few things, these are so accurate. it might not seem like you're doing much, but sharing, hearting, commenting and saving posts does so much to help [my] exposure. the more people that can find me or hear how awesome you think i am, the better! 

A graphic from social media - instagram to be exact - and it shares the details of how people can help small businesses even when they aren't making purchases. Things like sharing a post, hearting it, commenting and saving it can make such a huge difference and help with visibility - and that in turn helps every other element.

as for today's card, the inspiration wheel landed on inside element. i busted out some newer products and while the card didn't come together exactly as i had in my head, i like how it ended up. plus, i can always try again with different supplies. 

Sending smiles is the sentiment on this card front and it's a combination of stamping and die-cut letters from foam. A background panel of smiling hedgehogs reinforces the theme. Three horizontal strips, including one of tiny metallic sparkly hearts run parallel to the sentiment. Hand drawn lines outline the perimeter of the pale pink card base. A light grey envelope is included.

"sending smiles" is the sentiment and the theme of this handmade card. i combined a stamped word along with the die-cut letters to pull it together. the word 'smiles' is cut from foam for added dimension and extra fun, squishy texture. the patterned background features smiling hedgehogs and is really pretty adorable. three horizontal strips run parallel to the sentiment and include a solid, a patterned and a tiny heart strip. the hearts are glittery, shiny and so super cute! hand drawn lines outline the perimeter of the pale pink card base. 

An up close, detailed view of the background pattern full of smiling hedgehogs as well as the die-cut and stamped words combining to create the sentiment, "sending smiles."

the background patterned rectangle and two of the three horizontal strips all have faux-stitched detail which is subtle, but i like the way it ties everything together. y'all know i love me some odd numbers. the two pink colors i selected coordinate with the colors of the cheeks of the smiling hedgehogs. i've always been a big fan of pink & grey, so this color combo worked out well. 

remember that the inspiration wheel landed on inside element, so let's get to that. i wanted to continue the sentiment and vibe from the front of the card, so i used a coordinating stamp set from mft. 

The inside of the card features the sentiment "Because of you, I smile a lot more" stamped in black ink against the pale pink card base.

the inside of the card is the same color pale pink as the front and in black ink the sentiment "because of you, i smile a lot more" is stamped near the top center. i thought it paired well with the front's message of "sending smiles" as if sending some back since the recipient causes the sender to have so many - in a good way! 

it can also be a day maker kind of card and you know we need more of those these days! who couldn't use a hug of some sort? 

A flat-lay view of the front of this handmade card, the sentiment reads "sending smiles" and is a combination of stamping and die-cutting. Three die-cut strips run horizontally across the card and are patterned and solid. Small silver, glittery hearts add a splash of detail.

i've already got a few people in mind to send this to, but i'll also be adding it to the online shop as soon as i can! if you haven't checked out the site recently - get ready! there are oodles of new products and i just keep making and adding more! i'm in a really good creative groove and it just makes me so happy - which ends up fueling the creativity even more! 

there are still two days left of offers and discounts in my shop - feel free to share with friends or on your social media. as i mentioned above, i'm so grateful for your support in all the different ways! 

67 days down, 33 to go!   

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