#the100dayproject : handmade card 63/100-2 : warm winter wishes

#the100dayproject : handmade card 63/100-2 : warm winter wishes

happy turkey tuesday friends! today was my friday and i'm so jazzed to bust out some more items for both the shop holiday handmade and the virtual holiday makers market events this weekend. i'll be loading so many things into the online shop - both items that you've seen and some that you haven't. it's going to be aweeeeeeeesome. seriously - you have to check out the other makers as well, there's just so much talent and incredible items. 

the spin on the inspiration wheel today landed on monochromatic and i was inspired by a newer stamp set from mft. it was definitely out of my comfort zone, but i think that i like the way it turned out! i decided to use shades of greys and black with a splash of white to land on both ends of the color spectrum. 

 A winter themed card in a monochromatic color scheme in shades of greys. Trees that have lost their leaves are ready for winter as the snow gently falls. Stamped near the bottom of the card front in black ink is the sentiment "warm winter wishes."

a light grey panel is layered on a medium grey card base. winter trees that have lost their leaves are stamped in a cascading order with darker trees closer to the front and lighter trees towards the back. four different shades are used to show a wide range of depth and dimension. stamped near the center of the card between two trees is the sentiment "warm winter wishes" which is stamped in black ink. 

An angled view of the details on this handmade card, specifically the cluster of winter trees in shades of greys and black. The sentiment "warm winter wishes" is stamped in black ink near the bottom center of the card. White dots have been splattered across the card front to resemble freshly falling snow.

this is a great option for when you want to send a seasonal card without it being holiday related. it will be great all throughout the winter season as it shows snow lightly falling and is inspired by the beautiful scenes that only nature can truly paint. 

there are white dots that have been splattered across the card front as if they're tiny snowflakes gently falling from the sky. they aren't super visible when looking at the card head on, but when it is angled or viewed in the light, they're totally visible. and completely awesome. 

In this photo the handmade card has been tilted into the light so that the tiny white specks are visible. They aren't overpowering when viewed head on, but when seen on an angle or in the light, you can see the range of specks splattered across the card front.

i've used this technique before, but never with distress ink [in the color white.] i've often tried it while using white paint which ends up a little thicker but this is a game changer. it kept the color without getting watered down and i think it just looks amazing. the panel is a super soft grey color to coordinate with the monochromatic theme. i'm so happy with the way it turned out!

A wintery scene fills the front of this handmade card. Trees that have lost their leaves are stamped in varying shades of grey creating a field of depth and dimension. The sentiment "warm winter wishes" is stamped in black ink near the bottom middle of the card front.

i'll be adding this card to the shop for the upcoming weekend - along with a host of other items. i'll also be running a few promotions and sales, so stay tuned for details on those. 

what are you most looking forward to in regards to thanksgiving this year? for me - i'm all about the carbs. and the pie. and a day off of work to focus and reflect on all the things i'm grateful for. and maybe some crafting for me. 

i'll be back tomorrow with more! 


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