#the100dayproject : handmade card 62/100-2 : peace love & joy

#the100dayproject : handmade card 62/100-2 : peace love & joy

happy monday!

today is a first in this 100 day challenge - i didn't finish my card, but i have everything prepped. and the reason i didn't finish 100% is because in this batch, i'm making six times the amount of cards i normally do. [i also didn't start creating until i got home from work close to 11 and it's well into the morning - oops!]

a good problem for me to have is when cards sell out. a bad problem is when cards that are on all my promotional materials for two virtual events sell out before the event even starts! so...that being said, i'm recreating one of my favorite cards, which works out perfectly as the inspiration wheel landed on pattern play. this time i'm using a variety of colors with some mixed up patterns. and even though the cards aren't fully completed, i can still share some details. 

here's the original:

"Peace love & joy" is stamped in two layers - both an outline and a filler inside next to a die-cut gnome. The gnome's hat and shirt are pink and are accented by a thin watercolored strip that runs diagonally across the horizontal card front. White tone on tone patterned paper lines up with the bottom of the card base.

these had been available in four colors - pink, tangerine, lime and aqua. they all had the same polka dotted bottom pattern and all of them sold out! which is great - i love them too! so in deciding to make more, i thought i would add a few more color options as well as a few more patterns. 

each color will have a different pattern from those shown below. 

A variety of patterns for the new batch of cards, these are all tone on tone white with designs including stars, gingham, stripes, polka dots, cross hatching and a small grid pattern. Each pattern will correspond to a particular color.

all the papers are tone on tone white and the designs include polka dots, gingham, stars, diagonal stripes, cross hatching, and a small grid pattern. each pattern will accompany a different color. 

here's a sneak at the gnomes and the colors that will be included - some old favorites as well as some new ones!

A rainbow of gnome die-cuts, this is a stack of six gnomes showcasing the colors that will be included on this next round of handmade cards. Colors include purple, blue, aqua, lime, tangerine and pink.  

they are so fun and i just love them! the hats all coordinate with the shirts/robes the gnomes are wearing and their little noses are pinkish. faint brush strokes accent their beards as well. colors will coordinate with the decorative watercolored strip on the front of the card as well - and include purple, blue, aqua, lime, tangerine and pink. i know they're slightly unconventional for the holidays, but i just love them and i think that you did too since they're all sold out! i plan to have them finished tomorrow and then i'll load them back into the shop with the updated details. 


Lined up next to one another in rainbow order, six gnomes wait to be adhered to card bases. They include purple, blue, aqua, lime, tangerine and pink.  

the sentiment is going to be the same on each of these new cards - peace love & joy and like the previous version, the outline will be in grey and the inner shadow word color will coordinate with the color of the gnome. they will all be available individually. 

i have so many new items to add in as well as the items i've made during this project. there might be an all nighter or two coming up, but it's also how i thrive.  

thank you so much to those of you who have already ordered, i can't even begin to describe how happy y'all make me!

for now, i need a little sleep before work tomorrow and then it's full on crafty mode until every last thing is listed and loaded into the online shop. and then? then it's time for all the carbs on thanksgiving. 

i'm not gonna lie, i'm excited for online crafty sales so i can add more supplies to my arsenal! what are you most looking forward to this week?

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