#the100dayproject : handmade card 60/100-2 : a million thank yous

#the100dayproject : handmade card 60/100-2 : a million thank yous

hi friends!

i'm super excited to share today's card with you! so far every day in this round of the project, all of the cards that i've created have been/will be listed in my online shop. i haven't made any one of a kinds or singles. i haven't made any cards just for me. however, today i made a card for me [to give to a friend, details below] but i also made extras to list in the shop because i think it's just that fun!

so i have this friend that i work with and since i met her we've gone back and forth and have randomly given each other small gifts - sometimes silly, sometimes just a giftcard for coffee or tjmaxx or something similar. last week she gave me a little something and she. put. it. in. a. glitter. bag. [insert crying face here.]

i despise glitter. you know this if you've been around for awhile. it's pretty to look at but then you touch it and it's everywhere and your house is infested. it's the herpes of the art supply world. the problem was that i didn't realize the bag had glitter on it until it was all over me. and my car. and the house. and the bag is still in the garage. 

naturally i'm making her a thank you card because, hello - that's what i do. so i decided to get creative with it - and share it with all of you of course! the inspiration wheel landed on inside element and that was just perfect for what i had in mind! i was even able to use a new stamp set and some of my favorite holographic cardstock! behold:

 One of the happiest handmade cards I've ever created, this one is mostly black and white in design with a splash of holographic detail. A black card base houses a smaller white panel which is mostly decorated with text. Starting at the top, all centered, it reads: Warning! *Contents may contain the following: A Million Thank Yous and then in small letters near the bottom of the card center, "Open at your own risk". A thin strip of holographic cardstock has been die-cut in a ric rac pattern.

the design itself is pretty basic - a solid black card base with a smaller white panel layered on the top. in black ink, the following sentiments are stamped - each centered towards the middle of the panel:


*contents may contain the following:

a million thank yous

and then super tiny at the bottom - open at your own risk. 

one of my favorite details is the rainbow colored, iridescent holographic cardstock that's been die-cut in a ric-rac pattern across the card front. it's so pretty and when the light hits it just right, it's like a unicorn exploding rainbows. oh i just love it. 

An angled, up close view of the rainbow goodness that is the element of the iridescent holographic ric-rac die-cut detail on the card front. Classic black text fills the white background on this handmade thank you card.

tell me that's not one of the most glorious things you've seen today!? ahhh i love it! but wait - it gets better!

so remember from above that the inspiration wheel landed on inside element. to get even with my friend for the never ending glitter, i decided to play off of the sentiment on the card front. contents may include...thank yous, yes of course. but also? 

The inside element of this handmade card is a smattering of loose rainbow colored, iridescent and slightly holographic confetti. It matches the details of the card front and will surely make a mess when the recipient opens the card, but that's part of the fun. Exploding unicorns everywhere!

so. much. confetti. 

tiny hexagons of rainbow iridescent, holographic confetti that of course coordinate with the details on the card front. they're also slightly static so they'll stick to everything and i cannot wait for her to open this card. it's going to be amazing. and so fun. 

and like i also mentioned above, i made extras! so i'll be adding these to the online shop - complete with the confetti to put inside [if you wish]. it'll come contained so if you don't want it, you don't have to deal with it. but i'm thinking you're going to want to, because honestly - how freaking amazing is it!? it's a party in an envelope! i can't wait to design a few more options for celebrating because honestly, i have this stuff stockpiled. it's what i often use in shaker cards [which i also need to make more of!] and it's just fun and happy and i love it. 

i'm hoping my friend loves it. and that you will too. 

today marks 60 days down and only 40 to go in this project - how crazy is that?! where is this year going and also is it over yet? hard to believe it's already almost december and yet it feels like this year has been seven years long at the same time. 

that's it for me for today, i'm headed back to make more things for next weekend. i've got goals to crush, y'all! 

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