#the100dayproject : handmade card 59/100-2 : you are my sunshine

#the100dayproject : handmade card 59/100-2 : you are my sunshine

happy friday friends! here's hoping you have had a fantastic week and have a fun [and socially distant] weekend ahead! 

work today for me was interesting - people weren't out as much as usual and it was a slower night. not sure if it's because there's a major holiday next week, they're practicing social distancing and being responsible or just a fluke. either way, it was an interesting day to say the least. but i made it through and now i get to get back to crafting for the next day and a half and that's where i would rather be every hour of every day! 

today's spin on the inspiration wheel landed on 'all one company' and so i thought i would round out a trio of cards with similar styles and sentiments. i first made one here and then the second coordinated here. today's the third and while they aren't going to be sold as a set, chances are if you like one, you might like the other two as well. 

A bright and happy card, this complimentary style card will make anyone's day better! A large watercolor inspired circle fills the card front in a bright shade of yellow. Surrounding the circle are small dashed lines that somewhat look like tiny rays in shades of darker yellow and light orange. Text fills the circle shape in a dark orange color and reads "you are my sunshine" in a fun and quirky font. The card base is a light grey and a light orange envelope is shown as well - it's also included with the card.

i feel like this one is pretty happy - most likely due to the bright colors and energetic vibe that it gives off. a yellow watercolor inspired circle fills the center of the light grey card base and is surrounded by seven bunches of dashed lines, replicating rays extending from the circle. they're in shades of a slightly darker yellow, similar to a marigold as well as a light orange. layered on top of the big yellow circle is the text reading "you are my sunshine" in dark orange ink. the font is fun and scripty - almost handwritten. 

 An angled view of the details on this card front. You can see the layers of color that combine to create the sun-like image as well as the rays extending around it. The text that overlaps the circle image reads "you are my sunshine" in darker orange ink.

i love that the circle and the rays are not solid shapes - they appear to have been sketched or painted and i think it just adds to the whimsy of the card. like the two previous cards, i elected to use my inks from pinkfresh studio because they layer amazingly and the colors are just fantastic. they have quickly become some of my favorites! plus, the names of the colors are so fun! [i always thought one of the best jobs ever would be to name paint or crayon colors. i can still dream...] - i am aware that my theme was 'all one company' but i haven't yet been able to purchase the cubes of ink from concord and 9th who the stamps are from. they've been sold out for months and i'm on the waiting list. so, i'm just considering this a creative liberty. plus, i make the rules. 

also like the other two cards i wanted to include a secondary sentiment on the inside of the card -

The inside of this handmade card features the sentiment "you are incredible" stamped in dark orange ink and surrounded on both the left and right sides by more of those quirky dashed line groupings, twice in light yellow and once in light orange. There's plenty of room for a personal message beneath the stamped details.

using the same color ink as on the main sentiment on the front of the card, i stamped "you are incredible" centered in the middle and near the top of the card. flanking the sentiment on each side are more groupings of those small dashed lines, twice in yellow and once in light orange. there's still plenty of room for a personal message and i love the way the compliments continue once the card is opened. the world needs more happy right now and i think this card will be an excellent addition to the online shop. 

yesterday i mentioned that i have two virtual events coming up next weekend for black friday, small business saturday and through cyber monday. i thought i'd give a quick run down of both of the events. 

the first one is called the virtual holiday makers market and you can follow along on instagram here and facebook here. [make sure to mark yourself as "going" to the event on facebook to be privy to some special info and deals coming throughout the week!] there are some super talented makers in this group and i love the way that so many makers are sharing details of other makers to help with exposure. every heart, like and share helps all the small businesses involved. this event runs the 27-29 and there's lots of coupon codes that will be valid for this weekend only. one that i'm using is "sendmoremail" for 10% off your purchase - with a three card minimum. i'll be sharing more and more details as the event gets closer. 

the second event that i'm participating in is shop holiday handmade. this is a combination of three different groups who have joined forces - crafty mart, i made it market and cleveland bazaar. there is an epic catalog that you can flip through with a crapton of links to direct shopping. i'm on page 33 but seriously - check it out and share it with your friends because there's something for everyone on your list this year! you can also mark yourself as going to this event on facebook as well - like i said above, the more attention these events get the better all of the makers will do! 

those are just some of the quick details - but stay tuned. if you're not following me on instagram or if you haven't liked me on facebook yet, please do! i will be sharing boatloads of sneak peeks throughout this week, especially in my stories on both platforms. my goal that i'm working on is to have at least 50 new - never seen before products debut over the four days of the holiday weekend. i haven't decided yet if they'll all launch at the same time, but it's going to be great! gifts for you, for people on your list and lots of gifting accessories!  

thanks for sticking with me through this super long post - come back tomorrow for day 60 of #the100daychallenge!

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