#the100dayproject : handmade card 54/100-2 : one of a kind

#the100dayproject : handmade card 54/100-2 : one of a kind

and just like that, another weekend is over...whomp whomp.

today's spin on the inspiration wheel landed on 'all one company' and today is the first time in this round of the challenge that i made a one of a kind card that won't be listed in my shop! i didn't really plan it that way, but i needed/wanted to create a card for a dear coworker who is leaving for a new adventure. 

i am so happy with the way that it turned out! 

i've worked with this friend for nearly five years and since we work several of the same shifts each week, we've grown pretty close. she's a rockstar at everything and i just adore her. she's moving to maine with her new husband and while i'm so excited for their adventure, i am going to miss her like crazy. 

as for the card, i started with a light grey panel and stamped a shelf near the upper right side. i decided to use a new stamp set and i love the layering options! the shelf has a base and then an additional stamp over it to create a wood finish. the pot that is sitting on the shelf is one color and then an additional stamp adds the pattern. as for the plant itself, i used several shades of green to give it a little ombre look - darker near the roots and lighter green as it grows!

a longer shelf extends from the middle left side of the panel and is stamped the same way as the first. on this shelf is a globe, but instead of a world, it's a sphere with the sentiment "oh, the places you'll go" and it's also stamped in an ombre color scheme - starting with light aqua and extending to a darker aqua. next to the globe is a stack of worldly books - a journal and an atlas, stamped in red and light tan. 

the sentiment that's centered in the middle of the panel near the bottom reads "you are truly one of a kind" and is stamped in blue ink. 

just look at that stamping - i'm in love with the way that it turned out! the ombre color scheme of layering inks just makes me so happy. i used the pinkfresh studio inks and i will never not be impressed with the way they look. 

the inside has a sentiment as well - because as much as i'm going to miss her, i'm so happy for all the adventures that are in store for her!

i think she'll really like it - [i gave it to her already but wasn't sure if she opened it before i left work!] and more than anything, i hope she knows how much i appreciate her and value our friendship. 

i'm super happy that i started using these new stamps on this one of a kind card, because now i have a better idea of how to make sure they line up so making multiples will be a little easier. since this turned out so well, i can't wait to make some other variations. 

one more day of work for me in this little stretch and then i have a small block of days off and i can. not. wait. it's going to be amazing! 

i hope you had an enjoyable weekend and that this upcoming week looks to be a good one for you! we can get through this friend! 

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