#the100dayproject : handmade card 51/100-2 : feel better soon

#the100dayproject : handmade card 51/100-2 : feel better soon

hey friends!

day 51 of round two of this project and today's card is one of my new favorites! the inspiration wheel landed on 3-D element and i decided to have some fun with fun foam! 

i don't like being sick/not feeling well and i'm pretty sure nobody else does either. i mean the highlight is being able to lay on the couch and watch the price is right while enjoying toast and chicken noodle soup, right? however - i'm fairly confident that the card created today will cheer up anyone who's feeling under the weather - regardless of the reason for why they're feeling that way [common cold, bad headache, broken bone, surgery, etc.]

like i said - this is a new favorite!

 A handmade card designed to help you feel better from any kind of ailment or illness. A kraft card base coordinates with the included envelope and sits below a patterned panel with tone on tone red polka dots. Centered on the card front panel is a bandaid that's been die-cut from fun foam! Three layers are stacked high - the base, the middle portion where the sterile pad is located, and then a tiny heart layered on top. Beneath the die-cut bandaid is the stamped sentiment, "feel better soon" in black ink. A thin black line surrounds the perimeter of the patterned panel on the card base.

a kraft card base holds a red patterned panel with tiny tone-on-tone polka dots. the dots coordinate with the small dots that are textured on the die-cut bandaid which is centered on the panel. the bandaid has been cut from fun foam and is stacked three layers high! a light tan serves as the base with a darker brown layer over the area where the sterile pad normally is and on top of that is a small red heart! the dimension is incredible and it's so squishy!

An angled view of the dimension of the layers creating the die-cut bandaid on this handmade card front. Stacked three layers high, there's some serious dimension without a lot of weight. The fun foam used is super squishy and can easily go through the mail. Beneath the die-cut is the sentiment "feel better soon" which is stamped in black ink.

one of my favorite things about using fun foam on cards is that it's an easy way to add a lot of dimension without adding a lot of weight. it's a convenient solution for adding elements to a card and typically doesn't cost any extra to send through the mail. and it's so freaking fun! *not just for kids* plus - the texture is amazing. just look at those small dots on the sides of the bandaid! they're so realistic with none of the grossness of actual bandaids! [i'm not a fan in real life!]

 An up-close, angled view of the details on this handmade card front. The image of a bandaid has been die-cut from fun foam with three separate layers. The sentiment stamped below the bandaid reads "feel better soon" in black ink. The decorative dots on the sides of the bandaid coordinate with the dots on the background patterned paper which is red with tone-on-tone dots.

when i was selecting a sentiment for this card i debated between "get well" and "feel better soon." i decided on the shown sentiment for a couple reasons. sometimes, we just don't feel like ourselves but we're not necessarily sick or ill. friends often know when we're not feeling 'right' and can try and do lots of things to help - including sending a card or flowers or just being there for us. secondly, get well to me means healing which isn't always an overnight process. but in our healing we can feel better throughout the journey. maybe that's a little deep - but that's a little background to my thinking. 

 A flat-lay view of this encouraging card. A red patterned panel with tiny, tone-on-tone polka dots covers the majority of the kraft card base. Centered on the card front is a die-cut bandaid that's made from three layers of stacked fun foam. The sentiment "feel better soon" is stamped in black ink under the die-cut. The blank ink coordinates the hand drawn lines that surround the perimeter of the patterned paper panel.

to tie into the black color of the stamped sentiment, i added in a few hand-drawn lines around the perimeter of the patterned paper panel. i think this adds a nice little frame to the design and gives it a nice finished, polished look. have i mentioned that i adore this card?!

it's never fun to not feel well, but i'm confident getting this card in the mail or maybe even tucked into a care package will make someone feel much better - and definitely make them smile!

i'm officially into the second half of the second round of this challenge and i'm so looking forward to all that's yet to come. i'm determined to fill my online shop with oodles of positive and uplifting cards, designed to share kindness, brighten days and bring people closer together - especially when so many of us are social distancing. oh - and maybe make the holidays a little brighter as well. 

i certainly hope you'll continue to follow along! 

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