#the100dayproject : handmade card 50/100-2 : happy birthday

#the100dayproject : handmade card 50/100-2 : happy birthday

hey friends! happy veteran's day! if you served or are currently serving, please know how much i appreciate all you've done/are doing for this country. this is always one of my favorite days of the year to work at the restaurant and while today was different in so many ways [thanks covid] it was no different in the feeling of pure gratitude for so many who sacrificed so much. it's definitely a feel good day. 

in terms of the handmade card for today - the inspiration wheel landed on birthday and i was jazzed to create another card that will soon join the others in the birthday category of my online shop. i've been mentioning that i'll be adding a bunch of cards to the shop over the next few weeks and i plan to add a good amount from the most recent days over the next few days. i'm trying to tackle a few at a time and batch upload them! so thanks for your patience!

today is also day 50 which means i'm halfway through the second round of this challenge and also that there's only 50 days left this year! that's crazy! it feels like it could still be march and also that it should be the year 2047 as well! i don't think anyone can say that this year has been typical - on any level, in any way, shape, or form! 

A bright and colorful birthday card, the main characteristic of this design is the repetitive pattern of circular dots connected by a thin white line. As if strands of beads, these colorful circles fill the bottom portion of the card front against a dark blue background which is layered on a sky blue card base. A thin horizontal strip of purple cardstock runs along the card base, directly under the sentiment "happy birthday" which is stamped in dark blue ink. The upper corners of the card have been rounded and a bright yellow envelope is shown - and is included.

i think that the colorful pattern on this birthday card is my favorite part! circular dots in a variety of sizes hang on thin white strips - almost reminiscent of strands of beads. the colors range from colors of the rainbow, but not necessarily in rainbow order. a thin strip of purple cardstock creates a dividing line between the patterned portion and the sky blue card base. the sentiment "happy birthday" is stamped in dark blue ink, which coordinates with the color of the background on the patterned bottom. 

 A diagonal view of the details on this handmade birthday card, the colorful polka dots can be seen cascading in vertical rows, connected by a thin white line. The light blue background allows the sentiment "happy birthday" stand out, especially with the dark blue color it's been stamped in. The colors are bright and cheerful, ideal for a festive, celebratory birthday card!

the happy birthday sentiment is also in a fun and whimsical font, which i think plays nicely off of the wonky pattern of the colorful dots. the sentiment is centered in the middle of the card front, near the top of the card base. both of the upper corners of the card have been rounded for additional detail as well. 

while the design is somewhat clean and simple, the festive colors and fun pattern on this handmade card are sure to make your recipient smile - and make their birthday that much more exciting! a bright yellow envelope will be included in the listing once it goes live. 

Shown here without the coordinating colored envelope, this handmade card helps celebrate a birthday with fun colors and a whimsical pattern. It's a great option for a child or an adult birthday as everyone can appreciate the happiness that in invokes.

the inside of this card is blank so there's plenty of room for a personal sentiment or message. i also believe that this design lends itself to celebrating the birthday of anyone, regardless of age. kids can enjoy the bright colors and adults can appreciate the clean design and everybody can love receiving happy mail!

here in ohio, the governor has repeatedly emphasized the need to continue social distancing, wearing masks and making smart decisions. again i emphasize how important sending snail mail can be. we've got to work together to keep those who are high risk safe - we have to work together to keep up with friends and family who might be struggling while social distancing. and there's never a bad time to let someone know you're thinking about them. happy mail can make someone's day, week, month. i encourage you to send more mail - just think of the impact we can have if everyone you know sent just one piece of mail - it could be huge! and so much happiness could be shared!

i'll be sharing some more details about my feelings on this and a challenge that i want to start within the next few weeks. i'm still working on some logistical details, which isn't meant to sound nearly as mysterious as it might come across. 

thanks for following along for so much of this project - i hope you'll continue with me during these last 50 days! 

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