#the100dayproject : handmade card 45/100-2 : you got this slimline

#the100dayproject : handmade card 45/100-2 : you got this slimline

and it's finally friday! i swear this has felt like the longest week ever - and i had a few days off this week as well. yikes. at least i've got a few days off this weekend and the plans include a bunch of crafty time! 

today's spin on the inspiration wheel landed on slimline again and i decided to try something a little bit different - but mostly in terms of inspiration! you know how when you think of something, randomly adds and sponsored posts start showing up on social media? [just me?] i pinned something on pinterest the other day in regards to boho rainbows and when i opened it earlier, my feed was flooded with whimsical rainbows in glorious shades of browns, tans, pinks, golds and dusty blues. i decided to use this as my inspiration for today's card. 

 A slimline card for day 44 of #the100dayproject, this encouragement style card has a focal image of a rainbow inspired by a boho vibe. The rays of the rainbow are stamped in shades of browns, yellow-gold, dusty blue and pale pink. A small trio of brown hearts hovers above the rainbow. The sentiment "you got this" is stamped in brown ink to the left side of the card.

the right side of the card front panel features a playful rainbow with those shades of brown, golden yellow, dusty blue, pinks and peaches that i saw on pinterest. several rays have a subtle pattern instead of [or in addition to] a solid line. a trio of small brown hearts hover near the upper right corner and one small peach heart sits inside the smallest ray. the sentiment "you got this" is stamped near the left side of the card. the card front panel is a light tan color which is layered on a kraft card base. 

photographing these slimline cards is proving to be a little difficult for me, so i took some detailed shots [below]. i used the pinkfresh studio inks and they just layer beautifully - and they coordinate so well. i can't express how happy i am that i invested in them. 

 An up-close detailed view of the left side of the slimline card featuring the sentiment "you got this" stamped in brown ink. A glimpse of the boho-inspired rainbow is visible on the right side of the card front. A kraft base ties into the neutral feel of this handmade card.

this color scheme isn't one that i'd normally gravitate towards, but i am kinda digging the way that it turned out. i like trying different things - especially when they turn out decently. 

the sentiment can be used for encouragement or motivation - or a gentle reminder to yourself - we all need them now and again, right?

An up-close detailed view of the right side of the slimline card. The rainbow has been inspired by a boho vibe and features shades of browns, golden yellow, dusty blue and pale pink. A trio of small brown hearts accents the upper right corner of the card front panel.

one of my favorite details on this card is that the edges of the rainbow don't all line up perfectly. i think it adds to the whimsical feel. the small plus sign layer breaks up the monotony of the solid lines. while difficult to see, the second smallest layer in pink is accented by a pale grey grid pattern. i'm telling you - just check out "boho rainbow" on pinterest and you'll see where the inspiration came from. you can also pick up this card in my online shop here

i'm anxious to create some fun stuff this weekend and i can't wait to share it here. i hope you're able to enjoy some nice weather and do something you enjoy!

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