#the100dayproject : handmade card 41/100-2 : just wanted to say thanks

#the100dayproject : handmade card 41/100-2 : just wanted to say thanks

hey friends! i hope you had a wonderful weekend - are you adjusting to the time change? it always takes me a bit to adjust, most likely because i stay up until all hours of the night!

this week the inspiration wheel started off on monochromatic for monday's handmade card. i was remembering a card i made a looong time ago [you can see it on instagram here] and decided to make a new, updated version. i stuck with the blue color scheme, changed up the stencil, added some different elements and ended up with this:


Creating a card that was inspired by one I made several years ago, this thank you style card is in shades of blue, fitting the monochromatic color scheme for the day. The background has softly been inked up with the use of a stencil and the sentiment "just wanted to say thanks" has been stamped in darker blue ink. The word "thanks" has been accented by a clear gel glaze pen so it has a glorious shine on it, especially visible when the card is moved back and forth. A smattering of sequins in shades of blue accent the card front and a soft white-grey envelope is included.

for a reason i cannot figure out, i love the way it looks when a pattern subtly emerges from one side of a card and fades out, so that is what i started with on this card. the stencil is called parquet flooring and using it on an angle, i swiped two shades of blue distress ink lightly over the light blue background from the lower right corner. 

to mimic the look of the stencil, i also butted the top light blue panel into the same lower right corner of the darker blue card base. this provides a nice 1/2" border along the left and top sides of the card front. 

the sentiment is stamped in an even darker shade of blue and reads "just wanted to say thanks" - i love the fonts on this stamp and i always like to have thank you cards on hand. to make it a little bit different, i went over the word "thanks" in the sentiment with a clear gel glaze pen. it added a glorious shine to the text and is super visible when the card is angled in the light. 

 An angled view of the detail on this handmade card front - including the sentiment "just wanted to say thanks" which is stamped in blue ink. The word "thanks" has been layered with a clear gel glaze pen, adding a glorious shine and reflection to the word. Several small sequins can be seen overlapping the stenciled monochromatic background.

it's interesting how something so simple like a clear glaze, can add such an awesome detail. i love the way that this turned out! i feel like there's a lot going on with this card between the pattern, the sequins, the sentiment - and so i wanted something to stand out more than everything else, and that is the word "thanks".

there are three blue sequins, all in different shades of blue, scattered across the card front. sequins are such a fun way to add detail i think - they are unexpected and glitzy but not in an in-your-face kind of way. 

A flat-lay image of day 41's handmade card, complete with a monochromatic color scheme and thank you theme. A stenciled background emerges from the bottom right side of the card in blue ink and is layered under the sentiment, "just wanted to say thanks" which is stamped in blue ink. A smattering of three sequins adds detail to the card front.

this handmade card is a little simpler in design than some of my others, but going back to the original from 2018 - i just loved the way that it looked. i don't think that thank you cards need to be anything over the top, after all - it's the sentiment that means the most. 

the envelope i'm including with this one is an interesting color. it's not quite grey but also not white. it's called whisper from gina k and i think it pairs so nicely. it'll definitely stick out in your recipient's mailbox! 

i'm busy working on several sets and coordinating cards that would make great gifts this holiday season - you know i'm all about sharing handmade. i think there are some awesome opportunities to support small businesses and embrace the times we are living in as well. that may seem a little vague, but i'll be sharing details soon!

i would love to hear what you would like to see - either as a gift option or as something for yourself. drop me a comment below or send me a message. my to-make list is always long, but my heart is happy when i get to cross things off! 

here's hoping this week is a good one for you - i'm sure lots of changes are in store for us one way or another with tomorrow's election [go out and vote!], but one thing is for certain - i'll be back with another card! come visit!

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