#the100dayproject : handmade card 40/100 : take the risk

#the100dayproject : handmade card 40/100 : take the risk

happy first day of november! today marks day 40 in this challenge and that means there's only 60 days left this year and that to me is crazy!

november brings on all kinda of feels for me - i'm not one to typically set up my christmas display and decor quite yet [i usually wait until the weekend after thanksgiving] but i do like to participate in 30 days of gratitude. positivelypresent is hosting a great series of prompts on her instagram, and it's what i'll be following along with this year. i haven't yet decided how i'm going to document it - whether in a tiny album or within our w2 album, but it's going to be great. i encourage you to follow your own gratitude journey - this year it's more important than ever. 

the inspiration wheel landed on one layer card for today and since i enjoyed creating this card so much, i decided to create another card using the same stamp sets that would coordinate in terms of style and design. 

This handmade card is of the encouragement type, with the big bold message "take the risk" stamped in purple ink over a watercolor-esque rectangle on the light grey card front. Small darker blue dashed lines accent the sides of the rectangle. A deep purple envelope is included and is shown layered under the card.

like the first card, this card base is a soft grey color. the background rectangle is stamped in a blue ink and has a watercolor feel to it. there are small details within the design so that it doesn't stamp in a solid block and i really like that look. the sentiment reads "take the risk" and is stamped in a deep purple ink that looks so great layered over the rectangular block. on either side of the rectangle are dashed little lines in a deep blue color. 

sometimes we all need a little encouragement and motivation and this card is a great option! the inside features a coordinating sentiment, as seen below:

 The inside of this handmade card has a secondary sentiment which coordinates with the front of the card. "Good things take time" is stamped in purple ink near the top middle of the card and on either side are the same small blue dashed lines as on the front of the card.

risks can be scary - whether they are big or small but [most] good things take time. the payoff isn't always immediate but it's almost always worth it. 

"good things take time" is stamped in purple ink near the middle of the top of the inside of the card and is surrounded on both sides by the small dark blue dashed lines. there's plenty of room for writing your motivating and uplifting message to your recipient. 

i used inks from pinkfresh studio again and i am just so happy that i invested in them. the colors are incredible and they layer on top of one another like no other inks that i've ever used. i highly recommend them! 

An up-close, angled view of the main elements on the front of this handmade card. A blue rectangle that appears to have a watercolored finish creates a nice bold background for the stamped sentiment "take the risk." Smaller, darker blue dashed lines accent the sentiment on either side.  

while i think that this card pairs nicely with the motivating message on the first card i created [believe in yourself], it's also a nice reminder to myself as well. i've got a few new adventures i'll be sharing in the next few days/weeks and as scary as they are, i know that nothing changes if nothing changes. the worst thing that can happen for me when taking some of these risks is that i learn that it didn't work. however, the chance for success could be huge! sooo, that being said, i'm going to take my own advice! 

what about you - anything you have been debating dipping your toes into or getting started with? join me - take the risk. good things take time, but the sooner you start, the sooner they pay off! this card is also available here in my online shop. 

A flat-lay view of this encouraging handmade card, the message stamped front and center reads "take the risk" in purple ink. The sentiment is layered over a blue rectangle on the middle of the soft grey card base. Small dark blue dashed lines surround the sentiment on either side.

40 cards down - i'm 40% of the way through this amazing project! i can't wait for all that's yet to come and i hope you'll continue to stick with me! 

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