#the100dayproject : handmade card 38/100-2 : season's greetings

#the100dayproject : handmade card 38/100-2 : season's greetings

happy friday friends! it's hard [for me] to believe that tomorrow is the end of october! as crazy and unpredictable as this year has been, on so many levels i feel like it's flying by. 

since the stores already have christmas candy out, i suppose it's only fitting that today's card is a holiday card. [side note - jon went to pick up halloween candy for the project that i'll share details on tomorrow and he had to go to three different stores because the christmas candy was more stocked than halloween candy. sorry, i'm not ready for candy canes quite yet - bring on the reese's!]

the inspiration wheel landed on color swatch and my random number generator landed on 179. this is the swatch book using ink from papertrey ink and i just adore the way their colors coordinate beautifully. 

 The color swatch for today is number 179 - and it's a beautiful grouping of aquas, turquoises and deep navy blues. I created this swatch book before the first round of #the100dayproject and it's so useful when I need some inspiration for colors to use.

while the colors above are slightly lighter than they actually are, it's a great blend of aquas and turquoises paired with deep, dark navy blues. i thought that they lended themselves quite nicely for a wintery holiday card. 

using a new stamp set from mft [i ordered it on tuesday and it was in my hands on thursday - holy amazing shipping batman!], i designed a scene of hanging ornaments in a variety of the colors above. the designs and textures of the ornaments are all slightly different and i'm a big fan of the two different sizes. 

 This handmade holiday card features the main sentiment "Season's greetings" which is stamped in a dark turquoise color, coordinating with the card base. A variety of patterned ornaments hang from the top of the panel, surrounding the sentiment. The ornaments are stamped in shades of aqua, turquoise and navy blues, while hand drawn black strings reach to the top of the card panel as if they are really hanging. A turquoise envelope is included and layered beneath the card.

i took some creative liberties with this stamp set and at first i wasn't quite sure it was going to work out. however, now that i've completed the card and had some time to look at it, i am happy with the results. each of the ornaments had a little string at the top, but i knew they'd look like they were floating. using a black pen, i drew over the stamped portion of the string and extended the hanging "wire" all the way to the top of the card panel. i think it worked out pretty well. i also added a little dash to the top of the ornaments as if it is the connector that you typically use to attach a hanging mechanism. 

the colors are random on the ornaments, but each of the colors from the swatch is used. the sentiment "season's greetings" is stamped in the same color ink as the card base for a nice coordination. patterns on the ornaments include solid balls, stripes, chevrons, polka dots, and snowflakes. 

An up-close, angled view of the detail on several of the stamped ornaments. A hand drawn black line extends from the ornament to the top of the card panel, as if they are hanging. Patterns of the ornaments include chevrons, polka dots, solid balls, stripes and snowflakes. The sentiment "season's greetings" is nice and big and bold in the center of this handmade card.

the detail in these ornaments is aweome - i love the variety. i can't decide if i like the chevrons or the snowflakes more. or maybe the stripes. they're all so freaking cute! the hand drawn black lines help your eyes move across the card and the big, bold sentiment "season's greetings" is nicely centered in the middle. the font of this sentiment [also from another newer mft stamp set!] is awesome - i just love the handwritten look! it seems more personal to me than just a font that appears to be typed or printed. maybe it's just a personal preference. 

there's an odd number of ornaments because you know me and my love of all things odd - and i'm including a turquoise/aqua envelope for an extra splash of color. i just feel like these colors are ideal for a wintery-holiday handmade card and i'm so pleased that this came together the way i saw it in my head!

A classic flat-lay of this handmade holiday card, the sentiment "season's greetings" is stamped in the center of the card front. The color coordinates with the color of the card base. A series of nine hanging ornaments graces the top portion of the card, cascading along the top. Shades of aquas, turquoises and deep blues evoke a wintery feeling.

the debate i pose each year in my instagram stories is which type of sentiment do you prefer on your holiday cards; merry christmas or happy holidays? are you team red and green or team non-traditional colors? i like to offer a variety of holiday styles so that there's something for everyone! 

this card is available now here in the online shop.  

i'll also be sharing some exciting updates as well as more on that project i've eluded to all week long. and of course, the next day [39] of this incredible project. i hope your weekend is off to an incredible start - thanks so much for stopping by!


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