#the100dayproject : handmade card 34/100-2 : jingle all the way

#the100dayproject : handmade card 34/100-2 : jingle all the way

hey all! happy monday!

i heard a friend say today that target already has christmas decorations up and on display. i haven't been there to witness it myself yet, but i was thinking - man that's crazy - it's so early! and then i spun the inspiration wheel and decided to make a holiday card. so ... maybe i'm crazy too. 

many people are saying that they want this year to be over. i'm not thrilled with all the events of this year, but i also recognize that just because dates on a calendar change doesn't mean things will magically be better. i'm all about embracing the everyday and doing my best to make the best of every situation. life is too short to be miserable. it might be early, but i'm going to celebrate the holiday season in as many ways as possible. 

A holiday-inspired handmade card, this dark grey card base is layered with a lighter grey that's been embellished. A turquoise square, centered near the top of the panel has been stenciled in a gorgeous shade of blue. Overlapping it is the sentiment "Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way" which has been stamped in red ink and heat embossed with a clear finish. The text is slightly raised off of the card base. There's a beautiful shimmer across the card front and black hand drawn lines nicely outline the inked up square. Two decorative banners from patterned paper emerge from the lower left side of the card.

the inspiration wheel landed on stenciling for the topic and while it might be hard to imagine while looking at the above card, the blue box has been stenciled, creating a nice focal point on this card front. overlapping the block is the sentiment that reads "jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way" -  it's been stamped in red ink and then heat embossed with a clear coating. it's slightly dimensional to the touch and adds a nice shiny finish on the words. there's a gorgeous shimmer across the entire card front. using a black gel pen i hand drew lines around the perimeter of the inked up square. 

 An angled flat-lay view of the embossed sentiment [Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way] in red ink and clear powder. There's a gorgeous sheen on this card front, but it doesn't take away from the design. Two banners with angled fish-tail ends accent the light grey card panel below the sentiment. They feature polka dots in reds, pinks, greens, and aquas as well as tiny snowflakes.

i've mentioned that i like to have a variety of styles of holiday cards and one reason i like this stamp set so much is that it offers winter greetings, often familiar from holiday songs, without being so specific that the card could only be used for one particular holiday. it's nearly impossible to read the sentiment on this card without singing it to yourself a little bit!

the heat embossed texture is pretty subtle, but it adds a classy detail to this card. you can feel the raised sentiment when running your finger over the card and the shimmery shine that's visible when on an angle is just the right amount of wow! the hand drawn black lines are also slightly raised and very shiny - they help tie everything together. 

 Another angled view, this shows the sentiment in it's entirety as well as the patterns on the small banners that accent the bottom left portion of the light grey card base. The top little banner is angled left to right and features a random polka dot pattern with colors including pink, red, aqua, green and white. The banner below it is a little wider than the polka dots, and it features tiny assorted white snowflakes over a grey background.

the base on this holiday handmade card is a creamy grey color - it's darker than the grey on the front panel, but not so dark that you can't see what you're writing on the inside of the card. i'm a sucker for a good color combination and this untraditional combo of red and turquoise just makes me happy! 

 "Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way" is the sentiment on this clean and simple card. Two different patterns form two tiny banners near the bottom left corner of the card front. Hand drawn lines add a nice texture, as does the clear embossing of the sentiment. This card is wonderful for any and every winter holiday!

while somewhat simple, i really like the way this card came together. i don't think it's so overly busy that you lose what you're looking at, but i also think that the tiny banners full of patterns helps bring the entire design together. i also think this sentiment could be super cute with some reindeer - i'll need to add that idea to my list! 

this card is available now in the online shop, but you should check out all the new designs from #the100dayproject that are already available! it's been such a great second round of this project. 

34 down, 66 to go!

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