#the100dayproject : handmade card 33/100-2 : congrats [big news]

#the100dayproject : handmade card 33/100-2 : congrats [big news]

why is already sunday night? perhaps more importantly, why is tomorrow already monday? 

i can't be super mad about it - i've had a nice weekend and productive shifts at work, plus i've started a few new projects here in the craft castle and i ordered a bunch of new supplies! that's always exciting!

the spin on the inspiration wheel for day 33 landed on all one company, ideally meaning that all the supplies i would use to create today's handmade card would come from just one company. i decided this was the perfect time to use some newer items in my stash and that i would add a card to a category i often get requests for: new baby! you will see that i ended up breaking my own rules and cheating a bit by using one supply not from the main company, but since i make the rules i decided it was okay. [anyone else think of who's line is it anyway? i often think about their catchphrase, "where the rules are made up and the points don't matter" - seems pretty fitting!]

have i mentioned that i really struggle with photographing cards late at night? perhaps this is even more motivation for me to create earlier in the day! anyway...

The handmade card designed for day 33 of #the100dayproject from 1cre8ivemess, this card is the epitome of clean and simple. A yellow card base holds a die-cut grey heart and a tiny die-cut of a baby onesie that's been cut out of a gingham plaid print. The sentiment reads "congrats on your [really tiny] really big news" and is stamped in grey ink directly above a strip of grey washi tape that has tiny white polka dots. The upper right corner of the card base has been rounded for additional detail. A grey envelope that coordinates with the grey heart on the card base is included.

i wanted to create a really clean and simple design that would be suitable for a new baby [and their parents] while remaining kind of gender neutral. depending upon response, i might have to add a few more varieties to the shop - [let me know your thoughts in the comments below!] do you want other color options?

beginning with a yellow card base i rounded the upper right corner for a little subtle detail. the sentiment "congrats on your [really tiny] really big news" has been stamped in a soft grey ink and is located just above a strip of grey washi tape with teeny tiny polka dots. [this is my cheat - as the washi is not from mft which is the company all the other products are from.] to the right of the sentiment is a die-cut grey heart as well as a tiny baby onesie. the onesie has a gorgeous yellow and white gingham pattern and super adorable details that were impressed into the die-cut. it's also been layered on the card base with the use of foam tape for added dimension. 

Up close detail of the tiny baby onesie with an adorable yellow and white gingham pattern. The onesie is layered on the card base with the use of foam tape for added dimension. There's a visual triangle with the grey elements; the sentiment, washi tape and the die-cut heart.  

so. freaking. adorable. why is it that the tiny human clothes [especially in real life] are so cute? like babies don't care how they look and yet they have the best clothing and accessories. it isn't fair really. 

i really like how the grey elements coordinate on this card front. the sentiment pairs nicely with the washi tape and the die-cut heart. i've mentioned nearly a gazillion times how much i like odd numbers when it comes to elements and they also help draw your eye around the card as well. while it's a simple design, i think it's pretty classy. they also coordinate with the grey envelope that will be included. 

the sentiment i selected came from a new [to me] stamp set from mft and there's so many awesome options included, i decided that the inside of the card needed a sentiment as well! 

The inside of this handmade card also features a sentiment, complimenting the parents-to-be/new parents. "You're going to be the best parents ever" is stamped in grey ink near the top middle of the card base. There's plenty of room for your personal message. 

near the top middle of the card base is the sentiment "you're going to be the best parents ever" but there's plenty of room for your personal message below. while i don't have tiny humans myself, i can imagine that reassurance and compliments have to make new parents and/or parents-to-be feel a little bit better about things, especially the unknowns. 

and that's the card for today! it's available here. as i mentioned before, i've got some great plans for this week both in terms of card ideas as well as organizational projects i'm working on. plus, i still need to share details about the special halloween project i'm taking on! 

here's hoping you have a wonderful week! don't forget to make someone's day and send some snail mail!


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