#the100dayproject : handmade card 31/100-2 : thanks slimline

#the100dayproject : handmade card 31/100-2 : thanks slimline

happy friday friends! we made it to the weekend! personally i am super jazzed about a day off [tomorrow] to enjoy some creative projects, some cleaning & organizational projects and the return of michigan football! woot woot for that!

i'm not sure about you, but this week was a doozy. i'm not sure if it was a full moon or the change in weather, but it seems like no matter where i was - people were crazy. or - maybe it's me, who knows?

in regards to card number 31/100 for the second round of #the100dayproject, the inspiration wheel landed on color swatch today. when siri helped me pick a number, i had to laugh because the swatch that was selected screams halloween to me. 

The color combination selected for today's inspiration wheel topic of color swatch. Five colors are included are are typical of Halloween : summer sunrise - a yellow-orange, orange zest - an orange, true black - black, weathervane - a medium grey, and amethyst allure - a bright purple.

these colors are so prominent this time of year, but i decided it's a bit too late in the season to make a halloween card. so, i opted for a thank you card since i'm always in need of those - and i decided to create a slimline design as well. 

i began with a black card base, but on the inside i mounted some weathervane [grey] cardstock so that the writing and message would be visible to the recipient. i like to leave a small thin border around the inside panel so that the color of the card base is visible. i also try to make the inside coordinate with the outside. aside from the color block, i left the inside blank. 

An angled view of the inside of this slimline handmade card. A black card base holds a smaller, grey panel on the inside of the card. This helps to ensure your message to your recipient will be easy to see and easy to read. A thin border surrounds the grey panel so that the black card base is visible when the card is open. Also visible is the purple envelope that's included as well.

as for the front of the card panel, i picked out some patterned paper that was mostly white, but had a black design. i thought it would counter balance the dark black card base quite nicely. i found one that has awesome horizontal lines and the occasional diagonal line. it's not too busy, but is still visually interesting. i lined it up along the left side of the card and it fills the base - no border around it. the right side of the card base is plain black, but has been embellished. 

A flat-lay view of this thank you slimline handmade card. The left side features white paper with a thin black line pattern that butts up against the black card base. Near the bottom right is the die-cut word "thanks" which is cut from purple cardstock. An orange butterfly has been stamped and die-cut out of both cardstock and fun foam for added dimension. A smattering of sequins in a variety of shades of orange accent the right side of the handmade card.

the word "thanks" has been die-cut from purple cardstock and slightly overlaps the white patterned paper, but is mostly on the black card base. above it is a die-cut butterfly that's been layered with cardstock and fun foam for added dimension. it has been stamped in two shades of orange and has intricate black detail. a smattering of sequins in various shades of orange surround the butterfly and the sentiment. 

An up close, detailed flat-lay view of the embellished corner of this slimline card. The die-cut butterfly has been stamped in two shades of orange and the intricate details have been stamped in black ink. Cardstock is layered over fun foam for added dimension. The word "thanks" has been die-cut from purple cardstock and sits near the lower right corner. A smattering of sequins adds detail and the perfect amount of glitz and shine.

the detail that is visible on this butterfly is insane. it's just so fantastic. i've had these butterfly stamps for a little while but just recently acquired the coordinating die-cuts and i'm so thrilled that they arrived. now i just want to make all the butterfly cards! the sequins are all the same size, but vary in color. to match the butterfly, they're all shades of orange. i think they add a good amount of shine without being too over the top. i also really like how quirky the font is for the word "thanks" - it's appreciative but not overly formal. 

being a slimline card, this measures 3.5" high x 8.5" wide and i've included a purple envelope with it. i love the way the envelope ties into the sentiment on the front. if i haven't mentioned it before, i love to have all the things match! i also love using brightly colored envelopes for happy mail. 

A handmade slimline card with a white and black lined patterned section, directly next to the die-cut word "thanks" and a dimensional butterfly. A smattering of orange sequins add detail to the right side of the card. A purple envelope is included.

these slimline cards are harder for me to photograph because i end up with a lot of negative space, but they are so fun and different that it makes it worth it! my favorite detail is the butterfly - not only the stamping and incredible detail, but also the fact it's layered on top of fun foam. this adds dimension but isn't very heavy so it won't affect the mailing process. plus it's kinda squishy and when the card is laying flat, you can see the two colors of orange that make the butterfly - so cool!

now available here in my online shop. i hope you get to enjoy this weekend doing something you enjoy. thanks so much for following along - your support is so appreciated!  

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