#the100dayproject : handmade card 29/100-2 : believe in yourself

#the100dayproject : handmade card 29/100-2 : believe in yourself

today was the longest day in the history of ever! whew! i'm so happy that work is over and a little relieved that today's spin on the inspiration wheel landed on a 1-layer card. my energy is seriously lacking!

in addition to my energy lacking, my mojo isn't 100% and i'm not quite sure why, so while i finished today's card, it's not my best work ever. however, i'm still happy that i completed it and that i was able to pull out some new supplies from concord and 9th

An encouraging handmade card - this features a bold sentiment that reads "believe in yourself" in aqua text overlapping a lighter green square. Small, yellow dash marks accent the square on either side. The card is made from a light grey card base and comes with an aqua envelope.

i began with the light green square in the background and stamped it with some ink from pinkfresh studio. then, i overlapped the square with the sentiment "believe in yourself" which is stamped in an aqua color and extends off of the square on both the left and right sides. a trio of small yellow dashes were added in groups, also on either side of the sentiment. 

while it's a one layer card, i did want to have a secondary follow-up sentiment on the inside, so i added another grouping of the yellow dash marks along with "you've got this" near the top center of the card base. 

An angled view of the inside of this handmade card, a small grouping of dashed yellow lines accents the sentiment "you've got this" which is stamped in aqua ink. There's plenty of room for a message of encouragement that your recipient will appreciate!

i am really liking the big bold background and the font on the sentiments just makes me happy. it's like a combo of handwriting with a little faux-scriptyness and i just like it!

the way that these inks layer on top of one another is pretty awesome, it's like they're truly layered as opposed to drying into one another. there's almost a texture on the card base where they are stamped. 

while this card is suuuper simple, i like the way it turned out and i'm also happy that i was able to complete it, as i mentioned above. i think that there will be a whole series of similar styles coming soon - there are some elements that i really like. 

An angled flat-lay of the card front where the sentiment is front and center. Stamped in aqua ink overlapping a lighter green square is the sentiment "Believe in yourself." Small clusters of yellow dashes are framing in the sentiment on either side of the square which isn't perfectly square. It's designed to look like a paintbrush swiped paint on the card base and the result is fantastic.

the background square has a painted quality to it - as if it was brushed onto the card back with an old weathered paintbrush, pulling somewhat dry paint out of a can. i just think it looks so good - i know it's not everyone's style, but i dig it. 

i'm anxious to spend some serious time in the craft castle over the next few days! i've got a bunch of cards to add to the online shop and i want to work some more on a [huge!] organizational project i've taken on, as well as cleaning up my desk and area so i can make all the things! i'll share details soon on a project i'm working on for halloween and i'm so excited about it. 

but as for now, check out this card here - and happy wednesday!

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