#the100dayproject : handmade card 25/100-2 : autumn greetings

#the100dayproject : handmade card 25/100-2 : autumn greetings

i don't know about where you live, but where i'm at in ohio - it's really starting to feel like fall weather. when i woke up this morning it was 38 degrees outside and it only got to be about 52 degrees as a high today! brrr! despite being chilly all day, i decided to channel some of the beautiful aspects of fall - the changing colors of leaves specifically - for today's handmade card.

the inspiration wheel landed on monochromatic color scheme and my secondary spin landed on the color orange. i added in two neutrals for the card as well - white as a panel base and brown because i think it's kind of an extension of orange. 

A fall-themed greeting is the main sentiment on this handmade card! "Autumn greetings" is stamped in an ombre color scheme with orange fading from light to dark alongside four trees. Each tree top is a circle in a shade of orange as the concept of this card is a monochromatic color scheme. Each tree top is slightly different, both in pattern and in color. They are staggered across the white card panel which is layered on a darker orange panel which is layered on the classic orange card base. A white envelope is included.

the main stamp set i used is one of the first sets i ever purchased from papertrey ink [although now retired] and it's definitely one of my favorites. each tree top has been stamped in a different shade of orange ink and each features a different design; a bird sitting on a branch, clean striped lines, a perfect plaid with an inlaid heart and sprouting leaves with a floating, flying butterfly. 

i elected to use my inks from pinkfresh studios for both the tree tops as well as the tree trunks. one of the best things about these inks - aside from the amazing quality - is that they come in families of four per color. they're great for building layers and the colors are so rich and creamy! i am so happy that i invested in the entire set! so the tree tops are the orange family and the trunks are the brown family. if you number the colors 1-4 from lightest to darkest, i used each number with the corresponding number of the opposite color. so the second lightest with the second lightest and the darkest with the darkest and so on. 

An up close detailed view of several of the stamped trees and the details on the tree tops. Thin striped lines are crisp and clear in a medium shade of orange. The lightest colored tree top is a beautiful plaid pattern with an inlaid heart design. The third tree top shown is the darkest color orange and features some lighter orange colored leaves. The sentiment "autumn greetings" overlaps the trunk of the middle tree in two shades of orange ink which are blended in an ombre color scheme.

as for the sentiment, i selected "autumn greetings" from this newer set from mft. i liked the way that the word autumn played off of the color choice for the trees. i inked up the top portion of the stamp with the second lightest color of ink and the bottom portion of the stamp with the darkest color. i stamped it twice so it was a little darker and the colors blended together in an ombre color scheme, almost flawlessly. 

to ground the trees a little bit i swiped a watercolor marker below each trunk. i didn't want them to appear to be floating against the white background, so this technique helps ground them a bit. each mark is slightly different, which i think works since each tree is too. since all the stamping is one layer, i like the addition of a mounted layer to give this card some depth. 

The flat-lay view of this seasonal handmade card. "Autumn greetings" is stamped in shades of orange and overlaps the trunk of one of the four trees that are stamped across the front panel. Each tree top is a slightly different shade of orange, creating a mostly monochromatic look on this handmade card.

the white panel is layered on a darker shade of red-orange before being mounted onto the classic orange card base. this card can be used for so many different reasons and that's one of the amazing things about it. thinking of a friend? send this card and say hello. need to write a quick thank you? use this card. miss someone and haven't had time to virtually visit? drop this card in the mail and brighten their mailbox. there's no wrong reason to send some mail, especially handmade mail! plus, i do an actual happy dance every time you support my dreams and shop my catalog, so there's that. wink, wink. 

today marks day 25 in the second round of this challenge and if you'll remember that when i began, i shared details about the inspiration wheel i had created and would be using. i ended up adding a couple more topics to the wheel for a total of 18 different options [after i posted but before i began.] i thought it would be cool to create a wheel to showcase the color that corresponded with each day depending upon the theme and now that we're 1/4 of the way through the project, here's what the wheel looks like.  

The first 25 days of the second round of #the100dayproject, as depicted by the color corresponding to the category/theme for that day from the inspiration wheel I created.

obviously as we get closer to day 100, the wheel wedges will get smaller but i think it will turn into an incredible rainbow for all the topics that i've covered. i haven't hit all the colors yet but i'm confident that i will eventually! plus, it's super fun to track the progress as i go!

25 days down, 75 to go! woot woot! 

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