#the100dayproject : handmade card 22/100-2 : joy love peace

#the100dayproject : handmade card 22/100-2 : joy love peace

happy middle of the month! hard [for me] to believe that it's already the middle of october! i've been working on plans for lots of things for the rest of the year and it's just crazy how this year has gone. i feel like so much has happened and yet nothing at all that's typical or normal. whew. so much to take in. 

while it's still somewhat early in the season, there's only 71 days until christmas. it doesn't seem like much time at all. with all the ads for prime days on amazon and specials online for target and many retailers, i decided to embrace the feeling of holiday giving while working on today's card for #the100dayproject. 

the inspiration wheel's spin landed on stenciled for the theme for today and i took out a stencil that i purchased last year but never got around to using! i decided to blend a background from light to dark through the stencil with green ink and layer a few elements on top of it. 

a multi-layered holiday card with shades of green detailed with red and silver accents. the background has been ink blended through a stencil, revealing the block letters spelling out joy, love and peace. a red circle has been die-cut and features the stamped sentiment "joy love peace" in black ink. the perimeter of the circle has faux stitching. the red circle is layered on a silver circle, also with faux stitching. the red circle is elevated off of the silver circle with foam tape. a thin black vertical line extends from the top of the silver circle to the top of the panel, resembling a hanging ornament. the panel is layered onto a green card base and is bordered by a hand-drawn black glossy line.

the stencil features the repeating words joy, love and peace with a heart for the 'o' in love and a tree for the 'a' in peace. the front panel is a chartreuse green and the ink used is slightly darker, coordinating with the green of the card base. 

near the center of the card front is a glittery silver die-cut circle with a faux stitched border. centered on top of the silver circle is a smaller die-cut red circle, also with faux stitching and the sentiment "joy love peace" in black ink. a hand-drawn vertical black line extends from the top of the silver circle to the edge of the panel, creating a hanging ornament. 

a detail close up of the ornament created by two layered die-cut circles, both with a faux stitched edge. the top most layer is red and is stamped with the sentiment "joy love peace" to coordinate with the background. a thin black hand-drawn line surrounds the panel and creates a nice border on the green card base.

i used a glossy gel pen to draw lines around the front panel, creating a nice border on the green card base. i'm including a plain white envelope with this card. 

one thing i really enjoy about creating handmade holiday cards is designing cards that encompass all the different winter holidays. while i do have some that are specifically for christmas, i like to think that the majority can be used for any of the winter holidays - christmas, hannukah, kwanza, you name it! i know some people are particular about the verbiage they choose to use, so i like to provide a lot of options!

you can pick this card up here.

i've been following some other designers and creative people who have begun sharing posts and photos for workspace wednesday and i'm all about jumping on that bandwagon. and then i sat down to write this post and realized i didn't share anything today! i'll start that next week, but i also think i'll begin sharing details of what i'm going to call organizational thursday to give some insight into my craft castle and the way i set things up. maybe they'll be helpful to someone else as well. and if nothing else, it'll add to the splash of color i like to share with the world! 

i hope your week is going well - we're almost to friday eve! we got this friends!

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