#the100dayproject : handmade card 14/100-2 - sending smiles

#the100dayproject : handmade card 14/100-2 - sending smiles

hey friends!

anyone else feel like this week has been 9,427 days long and then remembers that it's only tuesday? wowza...what a week already!

i'm super excited to share card 14 today, but it won't be listed in my online shop quite yet! i want to tweak a few details on the card before it goes live - nothing visual, but some adhesion details. 

for the first time this round, the inspiration wheel landed on slimline card! i'm both excited and intimidated by this style since i don't have a lot of practice with them. on today's card i combined some awesome patterned paper along with a variety of die-cuts and one of my favorite elements - rainbow colors!

slimline card with a white card base accented by a black and white patterned paper along the bottom edge. the patterned paper features a wavy edge towards the center of the card and the pattern is a series of dots and lines, similar to that of morse code. along the middle line is a rainbow of heart die-cuts. each color heart has the color next to it as an outline. several hearts are overlapped and all are a wonky style in a mix of sizes. near the upper right corner is the stamped sentiment "sending smiles," making this handmade card very cheerful.

first up, let's talk about this patterned paper! i love the dots and lines - they remind me of morse code - and i think it provides a perfect background that isn't too overly busy. i die-cut the top portion of it on a wavy angle with the use of a new die-cut from mama elephant. then, using a heart die from mft, i cut a rainbow of hearts in a variety of sizes. 

up close detail of the left side of the card base. the dots and lines are evident on the patterned paper background and the various sizes of hearts can be seen from left to right in shades of purple, dark and light blue, aqua, and two shades of green.
starting on the left side of the card base, i began with the purple heart and i outlined it in pink. i moved along the card making the outside of the next heart the same color as the inside of the previous heart in rainbow order. some of the hearts overlap the patterned paper and some overlap other hearts. 
close up detail of the right side of the card, including the rainbow die-cuts that are green, yellow, orange and pink. in the right corner is the stamped sentiment "sending smiles."
i think that it turned out quite whimsical and i'm really very happy with it. i was even able to pair it with a pink slimline envelope which ties in nicely to the shades of pink on either end of the card. 
this handmade card from 1cre8ivemess coordinates with a bright pink slimline envelope which matches the colors on either end of the card front.
it will be added to my online shop soon - but i need to tweak a few details and make sure all the tiny edges are completely adhered. this was a first for me and had a bit of a learning curve. multiples will be available, but the sizes of the hearts will vary from card to card. i will be able to keep the color order the same. 
14 down, 86 to go!


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