#the100dayproject : 97/100

#the100dayproject : 97/100

when i sat down to create today's card, i had the idea to find inspiration from something on my desk. i didn't know if it would be a color scheme or a line design or what, but decided to take a few minutes and just look around to see what spoke to me. 

i laughed out loud when my eyes fixated on my beloved diet coke bottle. i have a long history with diet coke - it's just delicious and i don't care if they use it to clean jet engines, it's just perfect. breakfast, lunch or dinner. snack time. anytime. yes please. i would have said cans over bottles any day of the week if you asked me a year or two ago, but now i'm leaning more and more towards bottles [16.9 oz] because i can make them last a little longer and they stay fizzy. 

so...i looked at the label and decided to channel the design with some awesome metallic papers and a ribbon of sorts into something similar. [side note, as part of my project to reorganize the craft castle i just rediscovered a small stash of metallic paper, so yay for that!] the only problem is that it's impossible to photograph without a glare - so the photos are all slightly angled. 

the holey ribbon-esque background has such a cool texture. it's flexible like ribbon but a little sharp when those circles are cut open. i cut it on a diagonal and adhered it to the top area of the card base, similar to how the label on a diet coke bottle is closer to the top. the red is foil cardstock and is like the red stripe on the label as well. 

i like how the word diet is in a script font and coke is in a classic font - so i chose to use two sentiments in similar fonts to create the message - "i miss your face. you're my favorite person." this is where the main difference comes in - on the bottle the text is in white on the red, but on the card i used white on black. 

the card base is black [similar to the goodness inside that refreshing bottle] and then the inside has a grey area where a message can be written. i also added hand drawn lines around the perimeter of the inside, just for a splash of detail. 

this was a fun little challenge for me and i think i'll do it again soon - finding inspiration around me, in logos, color schemes and everyday objects! i can't believe there's only a few days left in this challenge ... ahhh ... cheers!

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