#the100dayproject : 94/100

#the100dayproject : 94/100

day 94 ... holy wow i'm close to the end of this amazing project! 

today i was able to decorate a bit in the craft castle with some of the items i picked up at ikea yesterday.

i've had this plan in mind for quite some time to create a rainbow wall. it started with an idea to paint the wall white and add colorful hexagons all over it in roygbiv order, cascading from one side to the other. then i decided i didn't want to paint the wall because so many of the organizational elements in the room are white and i thought it might be overkill. 

so, i decided to keep it the gorgeous blue that it is [because rainbows usually appear against a blue sky anyway] and add in my decor that i've collected and created in a gallery wall style next to the large window. i added new blinds that are crisp white [and my favorite style ever!], adjusted the shelf over the window while adding additional ampersands and went to town adding 15 of my favorite details to the wall. there are a few things that i want to tweak a little and i need to photograph it in the daylight - but here's a sneak peek:

so. much. rainbow. happiness. i absolutely love it. there's a space between the large gold ampersand and the black frame with my bargello project that i think would be perfect for a painting. [then of course i'll have to add in another detail so i have an odd number, but anyway...]

there's an incredible artist that i follow on instagram and she's so freaking inspiring. her paintings are detailed and layered and happy and frankly, amaze the bejesus out of me. her name is sarah coey and i love her. i also like to think if we were in the same town - or even the same country - we would be friends. recently, she shared a few mini paintings of rainbows and all things happy and i really want to buy one. i even commented on her post asking when they might go live because i'd really like to put one in particular - this one - in that spot i mentioned. so i'll have to keep my fingers crossed she lists that one and i can snag it. sarah, if you're somehow reading this - i need that painting something fierce - dm me, let's chat. please and thanks. 

anyway - you're probably wondering how that all ties into today's card, right? well, i decided to channel miss sarah and stencil and stamp my own rainbow inspired by her amazingness. she does awesome things with a paintbrush that i could never do. but i have stamps and stencils and inks and so i went to town, layering and adding details. 

here's my end result:


it's got nothing on her rainbows, but i love the way it turned out. i used a stencil from paper smooches and oodles of distress oxides to create the layers of rainbow. [i haven't used the oxides very much but i'm a big fan of the way that they layer and how smooth they are!] i didn't really plan to make the background so grey and gloomy, but it is what it is. 

after blending the rainbow, i went back in with a few stamps from a confetti/birthday set from papertrey and layered them on top of several of the stripes. i didn't pay much attention to which color was where because i wanted it to be slightly random. i added a few dashes, lines and dots with a white gel pen in my traditional style and then added a triangle of three iridescent sequins across the front. 

i stamped the sentiment "you're amazing" in black ink near the upper left corner before adhering the entire panel on a bright pink card base - also inspired by sarah's art. i added a few more dashes, dots and lines around the border of the inked panel for continuity. 

i've already added it to one of the display clip boards on the wall so i can stare at it until i can try and get my own original from sarah. 

have i mentioned how happy rainbows and all the colors make me? 

while it isn't coloring in the traditional sense, i'm doubling up and counting this as my coloring for the day as well for day nine of #thedailymarker30day. inking and blending is coloring in my book! 

i can't wait to take some photos of the wall in the daylight - and i'll be sharing them and some more details of the craft castle soon!

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