#the100dayproject : 92/100

#the100dayproject : 92/100

sometimes when i use a particular piece of patterned paper i get sad because i'm using it up and what if later on i want to do something different with it and it's gone? i have this struggle far too often to be honest. 

well a long while back i made a card with one of my favorite pieces of paper and a friend commented on how they wanted the card. then, at a show, i accidentally sold the last one. i knew i could make her something similar, but was a bit bummed myself. 

then, today - i happened to discover that i had another piece of the paper! jackpot! i was able to recreate the card so she can have one and it just makes me so happy. 

so yes, if this card looks familiar it is because i made it before, but i can assure you that now i'm really out of the paper so if you like it, i encourage you to get it while you can! haha!

those speech bubbles with the teeny tiny hearts are some of my favorites! add in this somewhat sassy sentiment - "i'm obsessed with you. in a non-creepy way." and you've got what i like to refer to as the whole card. a rounded corner adds a little something and resembles the rounded corners of the speech bubbles. 

simple + awesome i think. 

oh it's just so fun!

tomorrow is a day trip with my momma - it's been far too long and i'm extremely excited to have the day off of work as well! we're gonna do some shopping and on thursday i have plans to tackle a big decor project in the craft castle. it's going to be amazing, i can't wait!

92 days down, 8 to go! 

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