#the100dayproject : 90/100

#the100dayproject : 90/100

happy sunday friends. i hope you've had a great weekend!

as mentioned yesterday, my hands are incredibly sore after a weekend of ripping up the carpeting on my staircase and then removing what felt like 750,000 staples - and then painting the baseboard trim. i've still got some work to go [waiting on some supplies to arrive] but it's going to be so worth it! i'm a huge fan of d-i-y projects. 

while i was crawling up and down stairs painting, i was scheming up today's card and i have to admit - and i know this is a bold statement - but this might be one of my favorite cards from this 100 day project. it just makes me giddy. 

oh that's right. i made a carebear. many a people often call me kerbear and when i first got this die-cut from simon says stamp, i had this idea in the back of my mind. then i got busy and distracted and it sat in my box of die-cuts waiting to be used. but today, today i made it happen. there are so many details that i adore. 

the wavy strip of heart patterned paper is one of those details. how fun is that tone on tone pattern?! and tiny hearts? i mean it's like it was made to coordinate with a carebear. and faux stitching as a subtle detail? you know that makes me happy. 

i cut out all of the pieces and then assembled them before adding a few special details. the nose is actually stacked three pieces high for some dimension, because obviously his nose would stick out a little. i then added this tiny heart embellishment from doodlebug because not sure if you know this, but carebears have hearts on their noses. 

i added some white gel pen to the eyeballs to make them look more realistic and after i stamped and colored in the sunshine image on his tumtum, i outlined the face and the rays with a dimensional glaze pen. it looks amazing in real life! it's like sunshine is ready to beam out of his little bear body and onto the recipient of this card!

i always thought his technical name was sunshine bear, but after researching what color the insides of his ears are [so i could be accurate], i learned his name is actually funshine bear. how adorable is that? who doesn't love the sun and having fun in it?

but, since i thought his name was sunshine bear, i wanted to roll with that. while the front of the card is freaking awesome, i thought it needed something. so, i added this fun detail to the inside. 

how. freaking. adorable. 

my thoughts are regardless of if it is funshine or sunshine, someone is going to love getting this card in the mail! i have ideas to make a whole collection of the carebears with sayings that correlate to their tumtum design. so. many. ideas. 

i just want to stare at this guy because i just love him to pieces. i might not even mail him. yes i will. i will share the sunshine. but, maybe i'll keep him for a little while first. 

i'm determined to make these last ten days of the project some of my best days yet and i can't wait to look back on all the cards i've made! the countdown is on - 90 cards completed, 10 to go! 

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