#the100dayproject : 9/100

#the100dayproject : 9/100

happy wednesday friends! it's also day 9/100.

i wasn't so sure about the color swatch for today. it felt very pastel-ish to me and i am usually a fan of big, bold colors. [i'm also not a huge fan of pink, but anyway]

then i opened the mail from today and was super excited to receive an order from paper smooches and i knew exactly what i wanted to do with today's card! 

i have a rainbow stamp set from concord and 9th and while i wait for their newest version to come back in stock, i'm happy to use the one i have. you might even remember it from the card i shared in this mail it monday post

it's amazing to me how so many of the world events are impacting my crafting and the way that i look at sentiments right now. many people are alone in their houses, daily events and schedules are all catawompy but none of us are really alone. 

take this time to reach out to a neighbor, a coworker, a friend you haven't talked to in a hot minute. share a little card full of rainbows and hearts and let them know you're there for them. pick up the phone. facetime. zoom. send snail mail to brighten their day. 

we can all use it right now, i promise you.

i purposely didn't want the ends of this rainbow to be even [because come to think about it, has anyone ever really seen the end of the rainbow to know that's the way it is supposed to be?] and the colors are non traditional for a rainbow, but hey, i make the rules. 

a small cluster of hearts makes everything feel complete to me. the sentiment in the middle of the card simply reads "you're not alone" and i rounded the upper left corner for a little additional softness. 

soon this card will be available in my online shop. i spent part of this morning uploading all the other cards i've made as part of #the100dayproject to their own collection. i'll continue to add cards to this collection as i share on instagram and while i might not add each card each day, i promise at least once a week all the previous cards will be added. 

i'm excited for the uncertainty of tomorrow's color swatch because after tomorrow i'll officially be 1/10 finished with this project and i'm already loving it so much. not only the results, but also how it's stretching my supplies, challenging my creativity and spreading kindness via snail mail. 

i'm so grateful for you for following along. and please remember, you are not alone! we're all in this together, even if we are 6 feet apart for awhile. 

sending hugs your way. 

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