#the100dayproject : 89/100

#the100dayproject : 89/100

today's card was inspired - and somewhat copied - from this card i made back in march. 

it didn't turn out nearly as cool as i would have liked but i definitely want to experiment some more with this technique. i was sort of feeling the monochromatic feel and was somewhat undecided for an idea. [i spent all day ripping up the carpeting on my staircase as a home project that i'm super excited about. i was not so excited to spend 7 hours digging out various sizes of staples! also, my hands feel numb...so i took it easy for the card.]

i used watercolor paper to stamp the sentiment on and then used a waterbrush to drag some of the picked raspberry ink onto some of the embossed texture. i tried to make some lighter and some darker before i spritzed a pink ink over top of everything. not the best card ever, but certainly not the worst either. i've got a few ideas in mind for tomorrow, so fingers crossed they come together! 

i hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend! 

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