#the100dayproject : 84/100

#the100dayproject : 84/100

most days i find i'm most creative in the evenings. it seems to be a calmer time of day for me and this way i can spend most of the day plotting out the card i have in mind. this is especially true on work days when i'm not home all day. 

today was not one of those days. 

work was insane today and it was a longer day than usual. last night [after going to bed at four in the morning after a super creative streak], i didn't sleep well - or very long. 

i knew today would be a simple kind of card. typically i don't like to do two one-of-a-kind card days back to back, but this week that's how it is rolling.

i decided to make a mini card for my favorite human to wake up to. a few years ago i made him a mini card everyday for the entire year. i have them all saved in our w2 scrapbook and it's been a minute since i made him one. plus, one of the sentiments on a newer stamp set just spoke to me. 

picking out a scrap of colorful patterned paper from my stash, i did a partial die-cut of a large heart. then, i adhered it on an angle to a mini 3" card base and stamped the sentiment. i added hand drawn lines around the card in a glaze pen to bring everything together. 

this sentiment is definitely a true statement. my life is much better with him in it. he's the calm to my storm, the reason to my crazy and he supports me more than anyone - in any and every way! he doesn't get nearly enough credit and he's appreciated so much more than he knows. 

it might not be the fanciest card i've ever made, but it includes a bunch of my favorite things; bright, rainbow patterned paper, hearts & love, a fun sentiment, a mini size and hand drawn, slightly wonky lines. and more importantly, it's going to my favorite human. 

tomorrow i'm hoping to have the rest of the mini punny cards listed in the shop and while i need to do a quick clean up of my desk and castle, i've got some ideas i can't wait to work on! 

84 days down, 16 to go! 

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