#the100dayproject : 82/100

#the100dayproject : 82/100

today's card was completely inspired by some neon flowers that jon bought me the other day. while i know they're not at all naturally these colors, i can't deny that they are gorgeous and make my office pop!

just look how fun and bright!


ahhh so fun! 

so, i decided to make a card with a newer stamp set and my newest inks. they didn't turn out as neon as i would have liked, but i really like the way they came together. 

i filled the left side, along with parts of the top and bottom with overlapping flowers in a variety of colors, resembling those of my actual arrangement. these are layering stamps so i added detail to some of them with a slightly darker ink. 

using black ink i added a sentiment - a very large "hugs" with a smaller "sending" in a little banner shape. while the colors of the flowers pop off of the card front, i think the sentiment is the real focal point. 

i layered the panel onto a white card base so there's a thin white line around the edges. this isn't my typical style of card, but as i've mentioned once or twice throughout this project, i'm learning to adapt and try new things. 

hard to believe i've got less than 20 days remaining in this project, but i can guarantee the creating won't stop there! with nearly all of my summer shows cancelled this year, i've got a handful of other ideas up my sleeve for adding to my card stash. 

as i shared yesterday, i was able to add a bunch of cards into a new category in the shop - mini punny cards

more tomorrow for day 83!

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