#the100dayproject : 81/100

#the100dayproject : 81/100

all day long i was thinking about what kind of card i wanted to make, and while the sentiment was a blur to me, i knew i wanted to pull out some patterned paper. 

when i say that i have a lot of patterned paper, it's not an exaggeration. i could probably wallpaper every room in my house, floor to ceiling ten times over - and still have paper left. that's one of the perks/downfalls of working in a scrapbooking store for so long. i often forget that i have such a variety and i'm trying to use it more often. 

so instead of overthinking it, i opened a drawer, pulled out the first piece that spoke to me and worked with some newer supplies, including a faux-stitched hexagon and stamp set, both from pretty pink posh. 

sidenote - i've done some rearranging in the craft castle and i'm having difficulty taking photos without harsh shadows while keeping the color true so please bear with me. it's something i'm working on!

the card base is a creamy brown and the front panel is a soft sea color full of connected hexagons. i pulled the light orange and burnt orange colors from the patterned paper and cut solid hexagons in three sizes. the middle sized hexagon features the sentiment, "you make me smile" in a creamy brown ink. i raised it up with foam tape - i'm beginning to think a card isn't complete if it doesn't have foam tape!

i added a smattering of brown sequins because i felt like it needed a little something. the envelope i paired it with is a soft sea color that matches the background color of the patterned paper. it's a new one from gina k and i am absolutely in love with it. 

i have no idea what i had in mind when i originally purchased this patterned paper, but i like the way it works on this card. it's happy and cheery and not one of my usual color combinations, however, i like the way it came together. 

it'll be great as a day-maker or just a general thinking of you card. i have plans to add it to the shop tomorrow - i've got a large list of things i'm going to be working on and i have high hopes of getting everything completed!

hopefully you'll have a wonderful weekend as well! 

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