#the100dayproject : 78/100

#the100dayproject : 78/100

one of the things that i truly love about social media is the amazing makers, bakers, growers and inspirers that i've stumbled across - whether by a recommended post or someone tagging me in a comment or just by luck. 

today's card was completely inspired by social media and i think it would be great to send to someone who has inspired you - whether you're a maker or not. think of it as a virtual heart emoji - but in real life. 

i began by die-cutting three white squares with faux stitching. then i stamped on each one, a bird representing twitter, the old school instagram logo and a thumbs up resembling facebook's 'like' feature. using my prismacolor markers, i colored each image. 

on a grey card base i used black ink to stamp the sentiment "i like you" near the middle of the card. using foam tape, i adhered the three squares on top of the sentiment. 

it's so simple and straight to the point and i think that is one reason i like it so much. i plan to send a few of these to some makers that i really admire and i'll list a few in my shop as well. 

as i've mentioned a gazillion times before, i'm a huge fan of sending snail mail - especially in the form of day-makers or complimentary style cards. who doesn't enjoy hearing something positive when it's completely unexpected?

what's your favorite form of social media? personally i prefer instagram with short bursts of inspiration. facebook is okay - depending upon the day. my favorite element of it is puppy/animal videos. i'm just getting into twitter, but so far i'm enjoying it. in regards to all three outlets, i'm always searching for new people to follow and inspiration. if you've got some to share, drop me a line and let me know! 

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