#the100dayproject : 75/100

#the100dayproject : 75/100

holy crap on a cracker, we're on day 75! that's insane to me on so many levels! i can't believe i've made it this far and yet i have so many ideas to fill the next 25 days - and beyond!

today happened to be a happy mail day and i couldn't wait to play around with this new die from pinkfresh studio. they're a newer company to me and i not only love their new inks, but they have such incredible products. i saw some pretty awesome samples with this die-cut and the coordinating stamp set. i only got the die but as i looked around my craft castle, i spotted some fun foam and decided i wanted to have some insane texture on this card! 

sooooo, i got to die-cutting! i used nine different colors of fun foam and i love the negative result too - it's just so fun. and squishy! ahhh i love good texture. 

i mean seriously - look how awesome!

is there anything more fun than rainbows? they never get old to me. the fun part about this die and color palette is that because of the way the pieces come out, i was able to get nine cards from the process! the other fun thing is that while the color order is the same on each one, the rotation of the color changes so each card is slightly different. 

i decided that because there was so much texture and so many colors, the sentiment should be somewhat simple. i went with "hello" in crisp black ink and a quirky, scripty hand-written font. it's like the card is radiating sunshine and happiness. 

the border created is crisp and clean and white and looks so awesome in real life. i have a plethora of ideas for this die-cut and every time i use foam i get even more ideas for it as well! 

just look at that dimension! it'll flatten so it'll go through the mail just fine and then it pops back up to normal. it makes me so happy. 

i mentioned that the borders are so clean - my first card out of the nine was accidentally a little off, so i decided to switch it up and make that one horizontal so that the smaller border was on the top. it's a nice alternative and i like the way it looks as well. 

i think i have several friends who will enjoy receiving this card and i'll for sure be listing it in the shop early this week. everyone needs a little burst of color and happiness in their life. 

this one might be at the top of my favorites list from this project. i know i've said that several times, but man, this view just says it all. insert all the heart eyes here. 

i hope you're enjoying your weekend - more tomorrow! 

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