#the100dayproject : 71/100

#the100dayproject : 71/100

so anyone who knows me - or who has been around for a minute - knows that i love all the colors. i shared a sneak peek on instagram of some of the "ingredients" that i'm using on today's cards. [yes, cards - more than one!]

if there's a company whose products and lines i've loved for years - it has to be doodlebug. they haven't changed the colors they use so everything always coordinates perfectly. this is good for me because i've hoarded the paper above for the longest time. i just love it. ahhh. 

but as for today's cards - i'm only sharing a few of them because i have plans to create a boatload of them. seriously, a ton. when i was browsing a few of my paper collections, the idea occurred to me to create some mini cards. i've done this before in the past and some of my lunchbox notes have been bestsellers. these are a little different in that instead of folding in on themselves, they include a small white envelope.

oh and did i mention that they're all one-of-a-kind, punny cards? because they totally are. all of the backgrounds for these cards are either tone-on-tone polka dotted or grid patterned - and then the opposite is inside. they're just perfect. 

you're my happy - we make a great combo
is there a better combo out there than burgers and fries? especially ones that are smiling? i don't think so. the little block featuring the combo sentiment is raised with foam tape. random dots are detailed by small black glossy dots - as are the eyes on the burger and fries. 

you're kind of a big dill
green two-toned washi tape creates a nice little border around the front of this card. it's purposely torn and overlapped because i love that look. hand-drawn wonky lines fit inside the washi tape border but outside the decorative square, in black glossy gel pen. the sentiment reads "you're kind of a big dill" and i think he's adorable. 

it's sherbet-day - happy birthday
colorful polka dots create a baseline on this card and they add such a fun pop of color! the decorative square, elevated with foam tape features little bowls of smiling ice cream/sherbet. hand-drawn black lines explode around the image and directly below it is the sentiment "happy birthday," stamped in black ink. 

don't sweet the small stuff - you can totally do this
oodles of sweet candy surround the message on this mini card. it's a tiny dose of encouragement that is super sweet at the same time! black lines fill the upper right corner in a stitched pattern, accenting the angled corner of the card. "you can totally do this" is the secondary sentiment on this card, stamped in black ink. 

pill better soon!
this mini card would fit nicely with a can of soup, a box of tissues or a bottle of gatorade. it will definitely make your recipient smile, which is the first step in feeling better. accent lines ground the decorative panel and a trio of stamped black hearts fill the right side of the card front. the smiling pills along the bottom are a variety of colors and have precious faces! 

turtley awesome
turtles and snails are heading towards the right side of the card base and coordinate with a larger turtle on the decorative piece. it's elevated off of the card base with foam tape and hand-drawn black gel lines highlight the corners on the left side. a background circle with a grid pattern adds detail. 

you can probably guess that based off of the colors shown in the sneak peek there are a ton of colors yet to come. i couldn't get all the mini cards finished today, so tomorrow's cards will probably be similar. i'm okay with that though, because i'm totally loving this process and the results! i'm going to wait until they are all completed before i add them to the online shop, so stay tuned!

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