#the100dayproject : 69/100

#the100dayproject : 69/100

what a weekend! 

first of all let me just say that i'm so thankful for all the orders, new followers, post and story likes! i love getting feedback and new friends are always a great thing! this weekend's virtual event was definitely a learning experience. it's so different than being in person at a show/festival and i would love to have a better online presence, so it's a step in the right direction. 

as for today's card - it's one that i won't be making a bunch of - at least not yet. it's a great one-off but has a learning curve. i decided to use a new [to me] product but it turns out i'm a bit of a perfectionist. who knew? 

i started the front of the card with a white panel that i decided to stencil. i masked off sections of the stencil creating a bit of diagonal design line down and across the panel. beginning at the top i used squeezed lemonade distress ink and gently applied color. as i moved down the stencil i intensified the color and near the bottom i added some mustard seed. using black ink i stamped the sentiment "have a happy day" which is a fun pixelated font. 

you might think it's kind of a boring card so far, right? sort of plain, not my usual style. 


when you open it - the magic happens. 

this bright and cheery face pops up at you! this was created with a new die-cut that allows the entire face to pop off of the card base. there are a bunch of facial options available, but the sunglasses might be my favorite!

i think this is a bit of a better angle. this is the time consuming portion and where the learning curve is. i use pretty heavy-weight cardstock so it's tricky to avoid having any warping or creases where i don't want them. it's not perfect, but i'm really pretty happy with it. 

there's room for a quick note under the face or on the top portion of the card. it's definitely fun and i know i'll make more, but i want to play around with it a bit more first. 

i'm pretty sure whoever ends up with this card will have a happy day - because this card is awesome. 

i've got lots of big plans for this week both creatively and personally - here's to making it happen! oh and if you're bored, you can follow me on twitter. i decided to join to share some handmade happiness on another platform and so far it's pretty rad. 

have a happy day & week friends!

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