#the100dayproject : 63/100

#the100dayproject : 63/100

hey friends. 

ordinarily at the start of the week i'm super jazzed to create and full of ideas, but today was a rough day at work. really rough. the kind of rough day that makes me doubt humanity rough. 

i came home with no desire to make a card. i sat in the craft castle and just stared into space, feeling lost. i debating skipping today and even giving up on this project entirely. 

but somehow i pulled together a card. i don't love it. and looking at it now that it's finished, it's ridiculously similar to the card from friday, and not just because i used the same patterned paper. the decorative strip near the top resembles the washi tape from the other day. it's not great. 

i embossed the front of the card with an xo pattern so you can see it when the card is open. it adds a nice little bit of texture in that tone-on-tone way. to highlight the pattern i selected three x's and o's in a visual triangle and overlapped the texture with a black glaze pen. 

the bottom portion of the pink rectangle is elevated with foam tape - so there's dimension, but only near the bottom. i wanted it to look like the strip with the black x's and o's was holding the card down. 

i inked the edges of the card with a black ink pad, so there's a little definition all the way around. i also added a few white reflective marks on the heart-shaped sunglasses. 

this is another one of a kind card, and as i mentioned, i don't love it. but it's something and i guess that's better than nothing. 

trying to add new items to the shop today was a bit of a struggle, so i'm very behind in my plans for the week [and it's only monday!] i'm hoping to be able to work on that tomorrow, as well as create with a fresh, open mindset, void of the negativity and doubt from today. 

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