#the100dayproject : 59/100

#the100dayproject : 59/100

today's card[s] might be the one/s i'm the most proud of. i'm so excited to share them with you. 

my heart has been so heavy with all the news of everything happening recently. i won't get too deep into reasonings or politics because that isn't my style, but i'm very comfortable saying that i believe that we are all human and we can all be kind - humankind. 

it doesn't matter to me if you're black, tan, brown, white, yellow or purple - i would love to hear your story and get to know you. [and while i've never met a purple person, i imagine they'd be pretty rad.] who you choose to love doesn't matter to me, i'd love to get to know you too. as long as you're not hurting someone else or an animal, i'm all about humans. i will stand by you, i will support you, and perhaps most importantly, i will listen to you. 

i have one message for anyone and everyone - and i strongly believe this; 

you are loved. and you make this world better. 

let me say that again. or...let me show you. 

i made this card in two color options - rainbow and humankind. watercolor-like swashes are overlapping side by side - because we are all equal and when we stand next to each other, we shine. we bring out the best in each other. i believe this, despite some of the things that have been happening in real life. 

"you are loved" is stamped in black ink and is highlighted by a series of tiny hearts. this stamp is from a newer stamp set created by hero arts and i'm so excited about all the uplifting cards i'll be able to make with truly amazing sentiments. 

the colors i used on both cards are from a new set of inks from pinkfresh studio and i absolutely love the way that they blend together. the range of colors is fantastic and they made my dreams of bringing this card to life happen. 

because i love odd numbers, i used 7 shades of color on each card and there are 9 hearts - some open and some solid. 

one of my other favorite elements of this card is the sentiment on the inside. i decided to use a black card base because it made the colors pop against the white background. to ensure people could write a message on the inside that was visible, i decided to add a white panel to the interior, and so i stamped it as well. 

again - i don't care what you look like or who you love - but you make this world better. you matter. you deserve to be heard. 

it's hard for me to put into words how i feel about so many things right now, like i feel as if i can't process my thoughts or make them make sense. but i am so happy with these two cards. i'm hoping they can bring some sunshine and happiness to whoever needs to see it - or feel it right now. 

tomorrow is day 60 - holy wow. woot woot! 

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