#the100dayproject : 57/100

#the100dayproject : 57/100

my initial idea for a card for today [that i managed to sketch while i was at work] didn't turn out the way i planned - so i'm going to try it again a different day. 

instead, i pulled a stamp set out from years ago. seriously, years. there's one stamp in the set that i've always liked and had honestly forgotten about. i have some new inks that i've been itching to play with [details coming on those later this week!] so i made a super simple card - that i added a little bling to. 

using three shades of green ink, i repeatedly stamped “hello” while slightly off-setting the sentiment so that it moved farther below and to the right each time. one of the elements i really like is how the flourishes come out of the main block and the coloring changes.

i decided the design needed something, so i picked out some clear, lime green and dark green iridescent sequins. starting near the sentiment cluster, i adhered them in a cascading pattern, ending in the upper left corner. the clear are closest to the sentiment and as they haphazardly branch out, they get progressively darker. the shine and reflection on them is really very pretty. 

this is definitely not the most exciting card i've ever made, but there's something about it that i really like. sequins make everything better and the colors of this new ink are just fantastic! i can't wait to explore them more and make all the cards! 

my list of cards to make is never ending and i have a ton that i want to work on, especially before some online events in a few weeks! my stash is dangerously low and i love having a variety available. 

this kind of card is great for sending at any time for any reason - because whenever you see someone in real life, don't you always start with hello before diving into the good stuff? 

any suggestions of styles or types of cards you'd like to see are certainly welcomed! my list can always benefit from additional inspiration! 

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