#the100dayproject : 55/100

#the100dayproject : 55/100

*this is not geared towards being a political post, rather one where i share my feelings on certain issues which have impacted the type of card i'm sharing today - and additional cards this week.*

continuing yesterday's post of sharing kindness and appreciation for those who are often ignored and criticized, today's card shares a design with the card from yesterday, but other details are different. 

in terms of a little back information, today i'm choosing to embrace the following words of some super talented musicians in terms of my outlook on the world: 

"i believe most people are good" - luke bryan

"love is the answer at least for most of the questions in my heart" - jack johnson

"i'll stand by you" - the pretenders

you might say those lines are taken out of context, but i don't think they are. i have yet to meet someone in all my years of living who doesn't enjoy music on some level. it calms us down. it excites us. we relate to it. and i'm choosing to embrace these lines and these songs during the scary, unpredictable, anxiety-inducing times we are living in. 

i refuse to give into and spread more hate. it doesn't help anyone or anything. it's depressing and hurtful, so i'm continuing with my superpower of card-making and creating cards to celebrate those who put their life on the line every day. 

i see the world in shades of grey. [go figure, says the creative artist] but what i mean by that is that i don't think anything is all or nothing. it doesn't always have to be either-or. it's not always as simple as black or white [the colors, not the people.]

a friend of mine shared a thought on social media today that had me thinking all day. she said that if you feel certain ways then go ahead and unfriend her now because she basically wants nothing to do with you. i paused while reading her descriptions and my heart hurt - you can believe in more than one thing. it isn't always as cut and dry as this or that [in my opinion.] 

i believe that the majority of police officers are good people. i also believe that right now, many are being judged and criticized based upon the actions of one particular individual. i don't think that's right. 

i couldn't do the job that police officers [or even dispatchers] do. i couldn't be so selfless to get up everyday and go to work knowing you have the chance to deal with all the scary and uncertain and dangerous things. that's brave to me. that's courageous. that's heroic. 

i'm choosing to celebrate those officers, those security members, those dispatchers - who stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves. this isn't to say that they're all perfect - newsflash : nobody is perfect! - but i admire them and believe they deserve to be thanked and appreciated. 

this is the second card of this style and i have a few more ideas up my sleeve for some additional varieties. i just think this is what the world needs right now. love and attention and caring about one another. sharing kindness. 

a light grey background is the base for this card and the same color heart has been die-cut and placed in the middle of the front with foam tape. i stamped and die-cut a little police station as well as a police car and colored them with prismacolor markers. the sentiment below the mini scene reads "you are my hero" in black ink. 

similarly to the post yesterday, i'm sure we could all think of a few people to send this style of card to, and i encourage you to do so. we need more kindness. 

we are all in this together. 

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