#the100dayproject : 54/100

#the100dayproject : 54/100

*this is not a political post, rather one where i share my feelings on certain issues which have impacted the type of card i'm sharing today - and additional cards this week.*

day 54 ... when this project began, we were still in the beginning stages of the coronavirus outbreak. news and updates were changing hourly. it's been a lot to process, and for people with anxiety [like myself] it has [at times] been completely overwhelming. 

fast forward to the last week. if you've seen the news, you know what i'm talking about. 

y'all. my heart hurts. 

the world was starting to heal when we were all locked down. as soon as they allow people to start venturing out, trash is back to overflowing beaches and parks. people are discarding masks and gloves in parking lots. officers of the law are killing people and people peacefully protesting those acts are joined by thoughtless rioters. 

what. is. happening.

i've seen the following image online numerous times throughout the last few years and i often think of it during hard times. 

in the past few months, jennifer mcguire has requested that we use our crafty superpower of making and mailing cards to change the world. 

that i can do.

so today i'm sharing the first card [in which i'm sure will become a mini series] to say thank you. to nurses, doctors, therapists, home health care aides, ambulance drivers, hospital staff, [and all the people in the medical field that i might not know the names of] who are essential. not just today, but every. damn. day. 

i see you. i appreciate you. i thank you. 

it's probably safe to say that we all know at least one person in one of the above categories. don't you agree they need a thank you? let them know you see them. you appreciate them. let's spread that kindness and be the helpers to build this world back up. 

[essential workers who aren't in this category, don't worry - i've got you covered too...just stay tuned.]

for this card ...

a huge heart fills the center of this card front and right in the middle of that heart are a little hospital and an ambulance. i stamped and die-cut both images before coloring them in with prismacolor markers. my favorite detail is that little "eeeooooo" because you have to say it out loud, every time you look at it.

the heart is raised off of the card base with foam to help it stand out. i really wanted the images of the hospital and ambulance to be the focal point. 

below the heart, stamped in black ink is the sentiment "thank you for all you do" which is pretty much the most important thing we can say to those who are helping. and yet, thank you will never be enough. but it's a start. 

these products are from lawn fawn and i found out they were releasing them sort of on accident. i got an email, saw them and immediately ordered them. i just knew i had to have them. [i then downward spiraled into a whole slew of villages, but it'll all be okay - and will make for some adorable cards to come.]

i plan to list these cards as soon as i'm able - i'm hoping for tomorrow. i encourage you to thank a friend, a colleague, a stranger. we all need a little kindness right now. 

i can't fix all the problems in the world. i don't even know that i can fix one problem in the world. but i can send a card and i can start a ripple. and if all goes according to [my] plan, that ripple will make a wave and start to crush some of this hatred that's filling the world. 

please join me and be a helper. 

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