#the100dayproject : 49/100

#the100dayproject : 49/100

happy memorial day! today's card was created after one of the longest days ever at work - take an absolutely gorgeous day, add in a holiday and then don't forget the global pandemic - all equalling out to a very s l o w, long day. 

but at least i was able to come home and create - one of my most favorite ways to relax and unwind. 

i knew i wanted to create another father's day card and i had the idea to mix a few elements that are so typically "dad" - i think you'll see what i mean. 

plaid - like a plaid shirt that every dad has? check. 

old school television - you know, pre-remote? check.

relaxing on a day dedicated just to him? check. 

while it's somewhat simple, i am pretty happy with the way that it turned out. the sentiment is stamped in the same blue color as the card base and reads "sit back and relax" and just under that is "happy father's day" in bold, black ink. a red and blue plaid sits along the bottom of the card base and a decorative dark blue strip features a small squarish pattern. 

there's a small television that has been die-cut and embossed. the screen has also been stamped in a blue to match the card base and it reads "best day ever" - perfect for all dads on their special day. 

to soften the feel of the card just a little bit and take away from some of the harsh lines in the plaid and the squares, i rounded the upper right corner with a wide curve. it's pretty simple as i mentioned, but i'm just digging it. 

it'll be added to the shop within the next few days - along with a bunch of others from the past few posts. i'll also be adding some older styles of father's day cards as well. 

tomorrow is day 50 and that means i'm half way through this challenge - holy cow! i never thought i'd get here but i'm so glad that i've kept up with everything! i also can't wait to see what the next 50 days hold!

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